How To Build Community On Your Blog

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As a blogger, your aim when blogging should be to make sure your readers is not just a reader instead, you should be willing to transform your readers from being just readers to making them a community. This way will actually make them feel more important which is absolutely true. Therefore, this article will give you practical and working ways to build a community around your blog that will definitely help you in the long run.

You may be wondering why it’s important to build a community on your blog and the answer is just as simple as the question. When you have a blogging community, you are able to market to them. Now the subject of marketing is very important and as such your community of followers which is also your audience is a very important asset when it comes to marketing. The fact is without a community, your blog is weak and you will struggle more than those who have an active functioning community.

What is a blogging community?

For starters, simply put: your blogging community is the collection of your followers, subscribers, or in short a collection of all the people that read your blog and in turn share them with other people/platforms thereby gradually building your extended community. 

What exactly makes up my community?

Well, it is not out of place if right now what is going through your mind is who exactly makes up my blogging community? The answer goes thus: virtually everyone you email, tweet, and chat with occasionally is automatically a potential member of your blogging community. However, your community is not in any way limited to only the people mentioned above it goes far more than that.

As time goes on and your community grows, it will eventually be made up of potential readers who can bring in potential readers. These are the people called “influencers” who share and broadcast your blog thereby bringing people to join the community.

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Steps to take in building your blogging community

Be Human

This is the first and most important step to building your community. You need to remember that the people who make up your community are human beings just like you so you have to make sure your blog is not just something virtual. You have to try as much as possible to bring your blog to life. 

To make this possible, there is the need to realize that you blog is not just a virtual machine. It’s a joint for relaxation, a clubhouse, a spot for individuals with comparative interests to gather. As the pioneer of this online center point, it is therefore your obligation to encourage associations with and among your readers. In any of your readers leaves a remark make sure you react. Don’t just scroll past the comment like it does not matter because it does matter. Treat your readers and your blog a similar way you would any real life associations — with adoration, regard, and tirelessness.

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Create projects that will strengthen the community on your blog

The point of this step is actually so the readers feel actively involved which is necessary in strengthening the bond in your community. 

There are a lot of ways to achieve this. It may be in a form of an Instagram challenge where you make something fun probably a book club or just anything you feel intrigues you and can also intrigue your community members. You also have to put into consideration what your blog borders around and see possible ways that you can create something fun that will connect to your readers (very essential).

Always remember to build creative and engaging content

Great content will always remain the bedrock of any successful blog. You should therefore as much as possible give your readers something they can rely upon. As you try your best to give your readers the content that they want to see, never forget the place of commitment in the strengthening of your community. Be consistent and committed in giving your readers that superb content that they desire to see when they visit your blog. 

On another note, make the most bangin’ content you can. The more worth your blog adds to your readers’ carries on with, the more probable they are to praise you enthusiastically from the housetops and bring their companions in the interest of personal entertainment.

Build your email list

As old fashioned as this point may seem, it turns out to be an important point in building your community. This is because it is useful in communication. As you know that there is no good relationship without adequate communication it also applies to your blogging community as it applies to real life relationships.

For anyone who wishes to achieve a strong communication list with his or her blogging community, the subject of building your email list should not be taken lightly as it is very important and this means of communication is not likely to fade away anytime soon.

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Follow blogs similar to yours

Ever heard of the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”? This saying is the exact thing this point is buttressing. When you follow blogs similar to yours and are an active member of that blog’s community, then you will definitely get more members from that community.

Trust me when I say that people love to hear different people opinions so when you actually follow blogs similar to yours and leave a nice comment in the comment section, it will actually intrigue readers to find out more about who you are thereby bringing them to your blog.

Create a podcast

  The fact that you are trying to create a community for your blog does not mean your promotion should be limited to only blogs. No! Instead of limiting yourself to a very limited blogging space, you can take the advantage podcasts offer and actually direct your listeners back to your blog from your podcast. In doing this, you must ensure that your podcast content is very interesting and not boring out your listeners so they can actually want to go back to your blog.


For anyone who wishes to grow their blogging community, the steps above are practically the best tested and working steps you can actually take to make sure your community grows. Never forget that building a community for your blog is an essential step in making sure your blog is successful. It may take some time which is expected but the trick is hard work and consistency. Doing these two things will always ensure the success of your blog.

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