How To Create Great Blog Content

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The content is the foundation of any website or blog hence when a reader finds a blog content offensive, full of errors, or maybe the content is simply not captivating enough, the viewers tend to be discouraged and may not return to that site. On the other hand, if the content in the website is one that captivates the viewer, at first sight, that website will surely retain its users more than the former. Therefore, in order to create great content for your blog that will make your blog soar and excel, you have to take note of certain important points. 

The things to have at the back of your mind for writing great blog content can be called your strategy. Just as a strategy is important in almost anything you want to do, it is also of utmost importance in blogging. Here is where you get to set your plans of how well you want to blog to do amongst other things.

Steps to creating a great blog content

#1. Goal setting

These are basically the first steps towards anything you wish to do in life and blogging is no different. You cannot expect to write great content that will compel your viewers to keep coming back to check your new posts if you do not have a clear set goal. You need to outline the milestones that you want your blog to achieve as this will help you in making sure you are writing your content on the right track. Your goal is what motivates you and the stronger your goal is, the more successful your blog will be.

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#2. Curation

After setting your goals, the next thing you want to make sure you do is to gather information about the topic you want to write which is curation. You can start out by simply just checking for blogs similar to what you are about to write on and get ideas of what you should be writing. Note that this is not the same thing as plagiarism. While plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and copying it to your own blog, curation on the other hand is taking inspiration from the work of other people as this can be a very great tool for you to write a successful blog. You can also engage people who are experienced in what you are about to write about, ask them questions, and turn the answers into an article. For example, say you want to write about fitness, the best step to take will be to interview a fitness instructor (if you have access to any).

#3. Target market research

This is another critical and important factor to consider in writing your content. Without this step, you will just end up writing blind. This is because you do not know anything about your potential readers e.g. what they like or what they hate, what intrigues them, and so on. It is therefore important to carry out a target market research and discover the relevant key points you need to take off that will take your blog from ordinary to extraordinary.

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#4. Come up with an informative and mind capturing title

Your blog title is the first thing anyone who visits your blog will see. You, therefore, want to make sure that your title is informative and at the same time capturing the mind of your reader. While it is important to write a great title for your blog, also take care so your title is not misleading to the reader.

 Apart from making your title informative and mind-capturing, endeavor that your blog content turns out to be as good as the title suggests it will be. It will be a shame for the title to be intriguing and when they start reading the content, it is not up to their expectations. In making sure your content is what the readers are expecting you should also take note of “minor” things like fact-checking so you don’t end up misleading your readers. Make sure you conduct your research properly before writing and double-check any fact you wish to use in your content.

#. 5 Find appropriate keywords and create a great content.

When writing, it is important that you make adequate use of keywords pertaining to the topic you are writing about so that it ranks well on search engines. This is something you want to pay great attention to because writing content without adequate use of keywords is just the same as not writing at all. No matter how great your content is, without adequate keywording, your content ends up being trash.

After your keyword research and other aforementioned steps, then it is time to actually write great content that will captivate the mind of your readers. Since you already know your target audience and have done enough research prior to your writing, it should be easy to write great content by just simply putting into use everything you have gathered from your research as that is what makes great content. Before any content can be referred to as great content, there actually has to be some characteristics that the content possess such as:

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  • Error-free (spelling and grammar): Good content must be free from basic typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors.  
  • Properly researched: There must be detailed and proper research prior to the writing. This is important in order to make a strong and compelling point when writing your content.
  • Proper formatting (heading, sub-headings, and bullets where necessary): Your content must be neat and properly formatted using appropriate headings, sub-headings, numbering, and bullet numbering where necessary. This can also help the reader to carry on in reading the content as it is properly formatted. In a case where it is not properly formatted, the content looks clumsy and disorganized, and as such the readers will be discouraged to read any further.
  • Proper use of images: The use of images in writing your content also helps some readers who are not exactly keen on reading a long post without visual stimulation. For readers such as this, they love to see images in any article they set out to read in fact, any article without images is not worth reading to them. Hence, it is important to effectively use images in your blog as the right use of images will make your blog flow more effectively and also make great visual punch lines for your content.
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For every writer, it feels like they should just start out and write as soon as the idea pops into their head but it will be better to just sit back, take a moment to follow the steps above, and thereafter write your content so it would turn out to be an extra-ordinary content.

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