Best Mobile Insurance in India

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Mobile insurance also saves you from the trouble of going for maintenance. Many of India’s mobile insurance companies are facilitators of insurance coverage who have negotiated insurance cover with India’s leading insurance companies.

So, if the insurance provider denies the claim, they would not be primarily responsible for any claim or loss.

In addition, insurance extends to equipment purchased in India and even through an approved distribution channel.

Here is a list of the mobile insurance company list

#1. Onsite Go Mobile Insurance

For electronic devices and home appliances such as cell phones, tablets, digital camera, TV, AC, refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine, Onsite Go includes security.

The firm is internationally covering mobile damage, but only in India should the smartphones have been purchased.

Risk Covered

  • Harm to the Screen or Monitor
  • Spills or Damage to Liquids
  • Extended Guarantee

Activation Protection

You can buy the insurance plans either on the company’s website or from Amazon. You can buy the extended warranty from Croma stores as well.

The activation connection is sent approximately an hour to 48 hours after the purchase via email. You can fill out information such as IMEI, serial number, etc. online, plus you need to submit an invoice to obtain an activation confirmation.

The activation must be achieved within 30 days of the plan’s purchase date.


To deliver the best plans, the company offers an online calculator. By selecting the computer and the price range, you need to check the plans.

Screen Protection PlanSpills and Drop Protection PlanExtended Warranty Plan
Screen cover is intended for repairs to the display of the system for a duration of 1 year from the date of payment.It is important to buy the plan along with the cell phone.Protection is meant for physical or liquid damage and must be bought on the same day.Protection shall be for the length of 1 year of the life of the system from the date of payment.The package provides additional insurance against manufacturing defects for 1 or 2 years.You need to buy the devices within 6 months of purchasing them.

Other Benefits

  • The company reimburses the cost of maintenance in the event that the pick and drop facility is not available.

 #2. OneAssist Mobile Insurance

With OneAssist, you can insure your new smartphones against breakage, injury and even receive an extended warranty.

All defective equipment is selected at the doorstep and eligible for 100% cashless repairs.

The insurer provides insurance for up to six-month-old smartphones in some instances. Robbery insurance is available for selected policies only.

Risk Covered

  • Accidental and Incidental Damages
  • Harm to Liquid
  • Extended Guarantee

Activate Protection

You can enable the security plan through the Oneassist App or online via the web portal. You need to type in the details of the activation voucher and submit the order.

An SMS will be sent upon approval, and security will begin once the service is activated.

Annual membership from the date of activation is one Assist safety package. The package for security is for devices purchased 7 days before the date of activation.


Annual membership from the date of activation is one Assist safety package. The package for security is for devices purchased 7 days before the date of activation.

Other Benefits

  • Experience of Hassle-free argument
  • Free pick-up and drop on the doorstep
  • Seamless 24 x 7 assistance
  • One Call Blocking the SIM
  • The temporary smartphone available for use
  • Online locker for Docusafe

#3. Acko Mobile Insurance

The cashless mobile security plan for Acko is only for Amazon-purchased handsets.

On Amazon, you can buy the Acko security plan along with the smartphone.

On refurbished devices or second-hand devices, the plan is not valid. For stand-alone transactions on Amazon or with any other retailer, the plan is also not eligible.

Risk Covered

  • Harm to Liquid
  • Accidental physical harm, including damage to the screen
  • Repairs to In-Warranty
  • Theft or loss, wear & tear, damage reported after seven days, damage to accessories like SIM & memory card, and unauthorized repair are clearly not included in the Acko security plan.

Activation Protection

For some mobiles to be bought on Amazon, the security package is already bundled. With the arrival of the cell phone, the plan is pre-activated.

If the contract and the cell phone are not purchased together, you must use the phone number to log into the Acko portal and register your plan.

You need to share the new IMEI number with Acko in the event of a smartphone replacement from Amazon due to injury or otherwise. To pass the advantages of the contract to the current mobile phone.


The insurance plan for Acko is valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase of the mobile device.

There are no extra payments to be made because Acko mobile insurance policies come bundled with fresh mobile purchased on Amazon.

However, during the plan era, only one repair can be increased and the maximum amount protected is the device’s depreciated value at the time of claim.

Only a protection package cannot be cancelled. Cancellation and reimbursement, if any, as per the guidelines of Amazon.

#4. Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance

On all Android and iOS devices, the Airtel safe security plan is for airtel postpaid subscribers only. The package is valid for all handsets under one year of age from the date of the invoice.

The Airtel Safe plan will expire in the event of the transition from postpaid to prepaid.

Risk Covered

  • Accidental and Incidental Damages
  • Harm to Liquid

Activation Protection

You can trigger the Airtel Secure plan by clicking on the banner and following instructions from My Airtel App.

The Airtel Secure plan is valid for a year from enrollment and the benefits will begin after monthly rent is paid.

Airtel allows you the right to cancel your monthly membership at any time. The cancellation can be done by sending an SMS or by calling 155223 via My Airtel App.

During a membership term of one year, a limit of one demand may be raised.


The plan is charged monthly along with the postpaid bills and has phone damage prevention and antivirus protection starting at as low as Rs. 49 per month.

2GB of cloud storage for backup data is also included in the package.

Other Benefits

  • Defense against anti-malware
  • App Advisor for risk of privacy, unnecessary data, or use of batteries
  • Phishing and Malicious Website Web Security
  • Safety Anti-Theft
  • Backup Touch
  • Block SMS and spam calls

#5. Flipkart Complete Mobile Protection(CMP) Insurance Plan

Flipkart has an insurance cover for mobiles and smartphones purchased through Flipkart in partnership with Bajaj Allianz.

Risk Covered

  • Accidental Damage to the Projector
  • Liquid Screen Damages
  • Glitches in hardware and applications

Activation Protection

When the cell phone is delivered, the contract is auto-activated and is valid for one year from the date of delivery.


The starting cost of the Flipkart CMP plan is Rs. 99.

You should connect the plan to the cart when shopping for your cell phone. It is not possible to buy the plan separately.

Other Benefits

  • 10-day repair guarantee otherwise Flipkart gives Rs. 500 gift voucher