Best Email Marketing Services

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In this post, near the end, I will be comparing the best email providers and providing tips for different use cases.

Let’s make it right:

The Best Email Marketing Services

This is a brief overview of each of the platforms:

ActiveCampaign: Best email marketing + automation support all round.

ConvertKit: Best Bloggers and Content Designers email marketing tool.

Drip: Best email support and e-commerce CRM.

GetResponse: Unique all-in-one app for email ads, routing, funnels for sales, and more.

Sendinblue: Nice Idea for Free. Supports e-mail transactions and SMS communication.

Mailerlite: Best free email marketing program but even those with a subscription plan don’t get great help.

AWeber: Long-standing, strong feature-set email marketing program.

Sendlane: Strong email marketing service but not best suitable for beginners because of their starting price.

SendX: Pleasant supplier on a budget but lacks certain critical features of email marketing.

Here is a list of 9 Best Email Marketing Services

#1. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a pioneering platform for email marketing, known for offering the perfect balance between features and availability.

This tool has an incredibly rich collection of features that go beyond email marketing. It’s one of the best I’ve checked with an amazingly good visual automation builder.

You have all the features you need when it comes to the main email functionality. You can choose from a set of email models, for instance, or create your own with a drag and drop editor.

You’ll discover the team’s user profiles, video chat, on-site communications, personalized domains, CRM & sales automation, and even more.

Key Features:

Powerful marketing automation: ActiveCampaign has one of the most feature-rich visual design construction firms today.

The broad automation sequence library saves you time & effort: Don’t waste your time from scratch making long automation sequences. You can edit moments to import pre-made sequences.


For their lite package, which contains all the essential email & automation features most individuals may require, rates start at $9 / month (paid annually). Increase your schedule for site email, personalized domains, CRM, ads for SMS, and more to activate.

#2. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is a service for email marketing with a heavy emphasis on bloggers & producers of content.

The bulk of channels concentrate on wanting to satisfy everyone. Instead, they address the needs of bloggers & content producers from a particular group.

Simple monitoring gives you a clear rundown of how your types are doing and how the total development of your email list is, and tagging/segmentation are incredibly fast.

But if you’re new to email marketing, and you’re after convenience without losing the powerful features of email automation, be sure to try ConvertKit.

Key features:

Easy user interface: Without much of a learning curve, the interface makes it easier for you to get your email list started.

Effective and quick graphic automation: You may love the ease if you are a newcomer to email marketing. That said, with their email automation creator, you can do quite a lot.


A free service is available for up to 1,000 users but does not include email sequences or graphic automation. Payable plans start at $29 / month for up to 1,000 users and send unrestricted emails.

#3. Drip

Drips position themselves

Drips position themselves as a CRM e-commerce and while doing the job extremely well they are one of the best email marketing services I’ve tried.

Develop drip email programs, broadcast separately, or use their comprehensive graphic automation builder. One especially nice function is the opportunity to differentiate tests inside automation.

Drip is well worth checking out, particularly though you’re not running an e-commerce website. Hands down, it is one of my favorite tools for email marketing.

Key features:

Robust split testing automation: Drip’s visual automation designer is easy to use and helps you to explicitly split-test your automation.

Control more sites for less: Drip becomes much more economical if you run several sites. You may easily connect a secondary user account to your primary account, instead of needing to buy separate accounts on each domain.


Plans start at $19 / month for 500 subscribers and email sends unlimited.

#4. GetResponse


Although there was a time when they lost ground to other networks, by introducing numerous new features they have stepped up their game.

Although their core email marketing tool was already solid, the inclusion of visual marketing automation, landing pages, webinars, CRM, and other innovative technologies helped GetResponse become more of an all-in-one site.

This includes the creation of advertisements to fill your pipeline, the creation of your landing sites, the production of webinars, exit-intent popovers, the production of purchase sites, integrations of e-commerce, and payment processors. Inside the platform, you can even create your store.

Key features:

Effective automation of email marketing: Visual automation is simple to use, and comes with templates to help you out.

Creating whole sales funnels quickly: Autofunnel helps you to build well-designed sales funnels in moments.


Plans start at £11 / month, with simple features available. More versatility is unlocked by higher plans. Unfortunately, once you get to those bigger plans, not all automation capabilities are available.

#5. Sendinblue


Sendinblue stands out as an email marketing platform that offers unbelievable value without losing function.

Key features like a drag & drop email designer, feature-rich marketing automation, and more advanced features like spam testing & A / B split testing can be found.

Somehow Sendinblue stands out. Firstly, a transactional email is given.

Overall, as you remember their low price point, Sendinblue has a deep feature set that is incredibly impressive. And they have an excellent user interface that makes it fun to use the application.

Key features:

Excellent email automation: Great at such a reasonable price point to see such efficient automation.

Transactional email tool: You can run anything from Sendinblue if you are running a website that wants transactional emails. On higher plans, transactional SMS messages are also supported.


With restricted options, send up to 300 emails daily for free. To send 40,000 emails a month, and unlock more features, go for the Lite package. Higher plans unlock even more features, and pricing is available in the format “Pay as you go.”

#6. Mailerlite


Mailerlite is an email marketing program that has gained a lot of attention in recent years because of its free plan rich in functionality.

A quick interface, powerful user management, drag & drop email builder, and full-featured visual automation builder are available for you to use.

With a few taps, you can segment your subscribers, delete inactive subscribers, and show subscriber activity. You can break your campaign emails into files, or send them via RSS.

With Mailerlite, I have had a variety of bugs. Help couldn’t solve them and each time it took 3 + weeks for their team to return with a “we don’t know” or “we couldn’t find a problem” response, which is why I haven’t strongly featured it on this page.

Key features:

Nice free plan: Have a free plan, with barely any function limits, for up to 1,000 email subscribers. A paid package is required for custom domains, advertising popups, visual inbox designers, email templates, live chat support, auto-resend, and a variety of other tools. Also, not at all evil!

One of the cheapest email providers I’ve found: How much cheaper Mailerlite is compared with other providers is just nuts. It is impossible to predict whether it is going to be a positive or a negative thing.


With access to most features and minimal funding, a free starter package is available. You’ll get a free premium feature run. Paid plans start at $10 / month, including access to all functions.

#7. AWeber


AWeber was the first technique I’ve ever used on email marketing. They are one of the few outlets to remain faithful to email marketing at its central emphasis.

If you want a stable, fast (but not too simple) solution for sending emails, AWeber is a good alternative.

A big downside to AWeber is that unsubscribes are counting against the scheme, and they have to be removed manually.

Key features:

Designer of the AI-driven email template: It has never been easier to develop emails that look fantastic.

Creation of a Landing Page: Create landing pages to promote the development of your email list.


Plans launch at $19 / month for 500 subscribers and email sends unrestricted.

#8. Sendlane


Sendlane, as opposed to those on this list, is a relative newcomer to the email marketing room. That said they’ve got a rich collection of features.

Many of the simple promotions, and updates, can be completed. Choose from a range of email models, or use the drag & drop creator to develop your own. To segment the list, use tags, and custom fields and access real-time analytics.

Regardless, with its deep feature collection, Sendlane has a lot to give and genuinely sticks to some of the more proven email marketing heavy-hitters. Offer it yourself a shot!

Key features:

Machine learning to optimize sending times: This will assist you if you want to increase your available prices.

Automated list hygiene: You can instantly clean your list and select precisely what criteria to choose when inserting a new list.


Plans start at $99 / month, while the higher-level plans include added benefits.

#9. SendX


One of the newer email marketing providers on the market is SendX.

They’ve come out of the door with a feature-rich app that’s a lot more open than any of their competitors when working with a lot of established brands. It significantly beats several platforms on this list on a per user basis. You can use Zapier to open up links to 1,500 + other programs if you have difficulty integrating SendX with other apps.

Key features:

Easy landing page & popup builder: To get you started, you get a few nice looking prototypes and some very deep features. Popovers, for example, allow you to pick trigger behaviours such as depth of scroll, time spent on the platform, and exit intent.

Team accounts: I didn’t expect to see team accounts, given that SendX is new to the email marketing room, but they have that too.


Plans launch at $9.99 / month for up to 1,000 users and email sends unrestricted.

In conclusion;

Email marketing has a larger ROI than any other channel of marketing. It’s not only important for companies.

You will be able to find a solution that best aligns with the needs of your company with the email marketing services we’ve covered in this article.

The best aspect is that most of these resources give free trials, and others would not use a credit card to get started. So try a few, and see what you find is ultimately what matters most to your heart.