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Best Stock Broker In India

Tracking down the palatable stock retailers in India is an overwhelming task as there are more than 50 plus stockbrokers in India (full-service and discount brokers).

You should initially remember you’re purchasing and selling and subsidizing wants sooner than you gain the appropriate stockbroker.

For instance, on the off chance that you are purchasing and selling gigantic volumes excepting query and subsidizing warning administrations, you need to open a record with deal intermediaries. Rebate broker costs a steady expense (normally 20 rupees for each request), give a top-notch purchasing and selling stage anyway do presently don’t have financing exhortation.

On the diverse hand, on the off chance that you need subsidizing counsel, research-based guidance, and various contributions like riches and portfolio the executives, go for full-administration delegates.

Full-administration merchants cost somewhere in the range of 0.3% and 0.55% of the business purchasing and selling a wide range of research and investment advice.

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Here is a list of the top stock brokers in India 2021


Zerodha is a Bengaluru stockbroker who conveyed the thinking about the slice value business life sized model to India. Zerodha presently has an entire retail buyer base in India, with more than 3,000,000 customers moreover contributing round 15% of the entire volume.

Zerodha is outstanding for setting insignificant exorbitant purchasing and selling edge necessities.

You can make interests in mutuals, bonds, and OPCs (through Bhim UPI). Appropriation of offers and direct subsidizing cash is free.

Why Zerodha is Best Stock Broker

  • Fix brokerage Charge intraday or F&O Trader of Rs 20/
  • At the point when zero brokerage of your holding
  • Great customer service
  • Progressed arrangement tools and technical analysis specialized scanner

The best

Zerodha is extraordinary for new and self-coordinated traders aware of purchasing and selling charges from the outset rate volumes with edges up to sixteen occasions while paying a level financier Rs. 20 per order.

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# 2. Upstox

Upstox is a creating deal seller in India. Upstox is the awesome inclination for over the top amount shippers looking for gigantic edges (up to multiple times), little representatives, and decent purchasing and selling stages. You exclusively pay Rs intervention. Inside 20 days, paying little heed to the estimation of the F&O, abroad trade, and ware exchanging. Stock distribution is free.

Today, Upstox is providing a Zero business accommodate 30 days when you open another record. You get boundless free brokerage trading purchasing and selling for 30 days.

For what reason is Upstox number 2?

  • Offer a free Demat account
  • No intercession in 30 days (restricted time offer)
  • Fix 20/modern commercial brokerage (following 30 days)
  • Zero brokerage financier is brought
  • Advanced trading platforms with charts and tools progressed purchasing and selling structures with outlines and hardware

The best

Upstox is pleasant for traders and purchasers because of townhouse financier Rs. 20 top notch purchasing and selling stages.

#3. 5paisa

5Paisa is the fundamental stock broking raising the least business from a level Rs. 10 for every request in the Power Investor and Ultra Trader bundle. Be that as it may, you need to pay a the majority of Rs. 20 offers for every request for the stock conveyance callings.

You get a shared service for purchasing and selling protections, common assets, and protection plan speculations.

The 5paisa cell application is the fine mechanical cell application in India. The application is easy to utilize and bears the cost of a first rate insight.

On the off chance that you are looking for the most modest financier charges and you will be able to get a cell purchasing and selling application, you need to go with 5Paisa.

For what reason does 5Paisa occupy 3rd position?

  • Charge 10/most reduced modern business
  • The fastest process to open an account 
  • Simple to utilize awesome modern application.
  • 5Paisa purchasing and selling structures

The 5Paisa mobile trade application is a little model of the buying station business office, Robo Research, and Consulting advice.

The application can buy stocks, change stocks, fates, and choices to make interests in common cash and bonds.

The 5Paisa application is furthermore gainful for looking for protection plan stock and getting private advances.

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#4. Wisdom Capital

Insight Capital is the good subordinates seller (F&O of capital and products).

The sprinter costs probably the flattest sprinter for Rs. 9 to change subsidiaries of the Pro plan for each activity.

Insight Capital is lawn Noida and has 1,000 Indian establishments.

Desktop Based purchasing and selling structures FOX Trader trading platform

Fox Trader has unrivaled perspectives like outline investigation, specialized pointers, ongoing execution, real-time performance, and algorithm design.

You can several scanners with extra than 200 specifications and alarms and more prominent than 300 examination and API reconciliations for predominant outlines and rapidly order execution.

Specialized “finish of day” assessment can also be made for likewise query and examination.

The best

Capital Wisdom is outstanding for master brokers looking for more noteworthy edges (up to multiple times) and a decent purchasing and selling platform.

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#5. IIFL Stock

India Infoline IIFL is an ISO-ensured diverse account branch. IIFL Securities is a stockbroker with various full charge administrations

  • Mutual Fund
  • Initial public offering(IPO)
  • Portfolio Management Service
  • Credits (home loan, gold, products, and business Loan)
  • Abundance and portfolio the board
  • Wealth and portfolio management
  • Asset management, investment banking

The best

The IIFL stock broking is top-notch on the off chance that you lean toward a reasonable proposal on advice on intervention, query, and purchasing and selling and don’t think paying a higher brokerage fee.

#6. Angle Broking

Angel Broking has been a full-service brokerage firm financier relationship for more than 30 years,  offering discounted brokerage charges. You can also make interests in IPOs, OFS, bonds, and against value credits. With over 2.15 million exchange money market funds.

Heavenly messenger Broker purchasing and selling structures

1. Angel Broking App

Angel Broking’s cell application causes you to negotiate over the phone. The utility is appropriate with running operating systems running Android and iOS.  .

The application can transfer various indexes, entry books, contract notes, P&L pieces, and funds and securities.

2. Angel Broker Trade Platform

Angel Broking is a web-based trading platform purchasing and selling stage the spot you can make interests in mutual funds, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, bonds, and OPCs. 

The Angel Broker Trading platform can manage the entire family’s wealth/account with a single login.

Angel brokerage offers presents a level business of Rs. 20 exchanges for each activity and an edge of 6-8 occurrences each day are sufficient for new and regular administrators. A trading account purchasing and selling an account is fine in the event that you are looking for a prevalent purchasing and selling stage (Speed Pro) or a step by step purchasing and selling cell application

#7. Sharekhan

Sharekhan is a full-administration stock substitute specialist with a two-decade mechanical presence, extra than 2,000,000 clients, and an Indian presence in 541 urban areas.

Worth added contributions include interests in nclude investments in mutual funds and portfolio management services. New traders can take a number advisers for trade the stock market at Sharekhan Education.

Sharekhan presents customized query proposals to merchants, investors, and mutual fund investors.

Sharekhan buying and selling trading platforms

1. Sharekhan web website

The Sharekhan website is a web-based net purchasing and selling platform with prevalent pictures like smart search, portfolio following, exchanging, exploration, following, and contributing. You can get the right of passage to the buying area quickly from the Sharekhan.

2. Tiger exchange

Trade Tiger is a viable trading platform for purchasing and selling that bears terminal capacities.

3. Sharekhan Mini

Sharekhan Mini is a little model of the Sharekhan site. The great general execution is on the off chance that you want to work on your cell phone or have low web speeds. No Sharekhan Mini application is needed to establish and can be gotten to from mobile phones, computers, and laptops.

4. Sharekhan mobile application

The Sharekhan mobile application is similar with Android and iOS gadgets. The application helps purchasing and selling and subsidizing reserves.

The best

Guidance administrations, new traders, and people who need stock suggestions and don’t think paying more prominent for business.

#8. Edelweiss

Edelweiss intercession has been in the undertaking for more than twenty years, the spot you can make ventures and change in stocks, subordinates (F&O), shared assets, gold ETFs, and OPVs.

Today the gathering comprises of 11,938 specialists in 200 spots in India with more than 1,000,000 customers.

Edelweiss bears the cost of guided subsidizing through the portfolio coordinator and query reports.

You have the adaptability to assume responsibility. Exchanging bills is free when you trade from Lite to Elite. Albeit the charge of Rs. 2,500 will be changed to trade from Elite to Lite.

Edelweiss purchasing and selling trading platform

1. Terminal X3 (TX3)

Terminal X3 (TX3) is a PC based purchasing and selling terminal with a speed of more than 60 prevalent markers, predominant illustrations, and enlightening data investigation.

The X3 Terminal can be changed into a device size show screen field by means of developing more than one screens to tune and trade in excess of a couple of resources.

2. Edelweiss Mobile Trader

Versatile specialist co-op Edelweiss has given divisions to the value, subsidiaries, and item showcases. The application is similar to Android and iOS applications. The Edelweiss mobile application endorses you to see numerous sorts of graphs like Heiken Ashi, Renko, Points and Figure, Candlestick, and OHLC diagrams (open, high, low, and shut).

The best

Edelweiss is fine best for traders who like to check with flat brokerage and rates and afterward choose. Edelweiss offers them the adaptability to substitute plans.

#9. Kotak Securities

Supported with the guide of Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Securities is a full-brocking services stockbroker with 1539 branches and 393 establishment urban areas.

Services o gave include interests in stocks, subsidiaries, shared assets, IPOs, and ETFs. You can also show up for portfolio organization and query contributions at home.

1. Advance Mediation Scheme – (business costs follow to each gathering)

Under the previous business plot, commissions are charged as an extent of market esteem. Intervention is switched at the quit of the year plan.

For instance,

Assume that when you pick sketch B, and no intervention is made, the entire increase in Rs 10,000 will be switched. In the event that the intervention produced is Rs. 15,000, at that point exclusively Rs. 10,000 is refundable

Assuming the business is 8,000 euros in a year. The a year 2000 would be switched.

2. Shubh business venture intercession plot

To benefit Shubh purchasing and selling plan, you need to outfit a cash edge of Rs. 1 Lakh.

Height stock purchasing and selling frameworks

1. KEAT Pro X.

KEAT Pro X is a PC based purchasing and selling stage for purchasing and selling offers and monetary standards. You can exchange, see costs live, make a stock, and control your portfolio.

2. Stock administrator

Kotak Stock Trader is a cell utility similar to Android and iOS gadgets. You can change anyplace, control your portfolio, see the market, get statements, news, and query data.

The best

Protections are quality on the off chance that you need exorbitant profit or like to make interests in ETFs, bonds, and IRFs (interest expense prospects) and don’t thinking paying extra.

#10. Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal is a full stockbroker who has been in the endeavor for three quite a while and has dietary query counsel. The broking has an in-house query bunch comprised of 260 gatherings and offers from more prominent than 21 areas. Almost 10% of its pay goes to query and enlistment and query preparing.

Motilal Oswal manages the cost of day by day, week by week, month to month, quarterly and yearly audits on stock business sectors, organizations, in excess of a couple of areas, market assessment reports, and topical reports.

Motilal Oswal purchasing and selling structures

1. Inverter MO

MO Investor Robo is an online money related and purchasing and selling stage with Wealth and ACE (warning on stock consolidations). Both hardware help you select the legitimate stock and supply master financing techniques.

The stage has scanner scanners, a predominant organization with 9 specialized pointers, and mass calling offices.

2. Dealer MO

For prevalent vendors, MO Trader is a purchasing and selling site. There, you can notice 19 screens, make multi-utilitarian show records, and get solid constant pursuit tips.

3. Desktop base application purchasing and selling trading Platform

The Desktop application of Motilal Oswal presents tick-by-tick charge records, more than forty side effects, and administrations to build a watchlist for several properties. The exchange offers you get right of section to prevalent audits and search hardware like Trade Guide Signal, Option Author, and Option Decoder.

The best

Motilal Oswal DEMAT and purchasing and selling an account is the charming exorbitant worth-added counseling and counseling service to assess in the event that you need to generate long-term wealth. 

#11. ICICI Direct 3-in-1

ICICI’s direct research includes stocks, companies, markets, and investment funds. Search reports are available on the website and the business page. 

They are among the research products.

  • Pre-market perspectives on momentum selection and derivatives
  • Daily recommendations on emerging strategies and trends
  • Monthly forecasts of technicians, derivatives, and associations
  • Recommendations on the portfolio of companies, investments, and models 

The best

ICICI Direct is best if you already have a banking relationship with ICICI Bank. It also benefits from business advice, research advice, and wealth management services.


If you ask me who the best broker in India is, I would recommend opening a Zerodha account.

Open a Upstox account if you are looking for a FREE and account and want to offer like 30 days of zero brokerage.