IIFL Review

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This is an Indian diversified stock broker company service founded in 1995. Its main office is in Mumbai. Their branches are spread everywhere in the country. This is a top independent full service stock broking house in india. IIFL Securities offers web based platform service with a good range of financial products including Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Insurance, FDs, Loans, IPO and Bonds etc.

Latest Charges of IIFL:

  • The charges for opening an account are Rs. 250/-.
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges are zero.
  • Demat account opening charges are zero.
  • Demat account maintenance charges annually are just Rs.250/-

Key Features:

The trading plan they are offering are,

⇒ Investor plan (online plus)

⇒ Super trader plan ( Pro traders)

⇒ Premium plan ( dedicated RM)

IIFL securities online account opening:

  • You can open the website www.iifl.com. and fill up the account form, then after that, your account will be opened online.
  • There is also an offline account opening system, but the online account opening is the easy way than this.

Platforms for trading offered by IIFL:

They offer the customers trading platforms for all types of devices like desktop, web, and mobile applications.

  1. Software Trading Terminal:

This platform is for those traders who use the desktop. To access it, the trader will have to install the software, which will be available on their website. In this software, there will be different charts, a great number of indicators designed technically, assurance of security, order slicing, and fund transfer.


This is a secured platform that offers two factors authentication. The security management is strict. The data of the trader will be safe.

For installation of this software, the trader will have to download Windows 2000, NT, and 98. And the trader will have to upgrade the version.

  1. Web trading Terminal:

In this platform, there will be no need to install or download any software. The trader can get to this stage from any place like anywhere. There will be data tools and charts of the different types. The trader will be provided with the heatmap. Also, there will be research recommendations. 


They provide multiple trading options here and you will be notified of all the researches. So, this is the important and best part of it.

  1. IIFL Markets:

This is basically a mobile application. The trader can easily install it via the play store. Here, the trader can make a list of 50 stocks. The order placing is easy with the help of this application. The trader can apply IPOs with this application. 


Their stock list is high which is a beneficial feature. They are offering useful products here.

Plus delivery brokerage charges are higher.

The products offered by IIFL:

Here is the list of the products offered by IIFL. They help the trades to easily place a buyer request in order to shares & commodities like gold and silver.

  • They offer their customers Equity.
  • They offer their customers’ Currency Trading
  • They offer their customers Mutual Funds
  • They offer their customers Commodity
  • They offer their customers IPOs
  • They offer their customers FD
  • They offer their customers IIFL PMS
  • They offer their customers Bonds
  • They offer their customers NCDs
  • They offer their customers ETFs
  • Loans.

The additional products offered by IIFL: 

  • They provide Research Advisor to their customers. 
  • They avail their customers with market & Sector Reports & Information
  • They provide Options Trading Using Sensible, to their customers.
  • They offer Loan Products (Home, Personal, Gold, Against Property & Business Loan)
  • They offer their customers Mutual Fund Investment.
  • Wealth & Financial Management
  • They provide NRI Services
  • They provide Institutional Equities & Investment Banking

Brokerage Charge

  • The rates for the Intraday are 0.05%.
  • The rates for the Equity delivery are 0.05%.
  • The rates for the T & Z group are 0.075%.
  • The rates for the future options are 0.05%.
  • The rates for the minimum brokerage are 0.05%.
  • The rates for the auction charges are 1.00%

Transaction charges:

  • The charges for the Agri product are Rs 0.75 per lac.
  • The charges for non. Agri products are Rs 2.0 per lac.
  • The charges for the square off are 0.05%.

Other charges:

  • For the creation of the pledge, charges are Rs.50.
  • The charges for the pledge closure are Rs. 50.
  • The charges for the Demat certificate are Rs 15.
  • The postal charges per result are Rs.40. 

Charges for the opening of Demat account

  • The charges for the opening of the Demat account are zero. 
  • The charges for the maintenance of the account are Rs. 400/-

Procedure for the opening of Demat account :

If you want to open an account then you will have to follow the following steps. 

  • Step 1:

Open their website and download the form for account opening. 

  • Step 2:

Fill that form carefully and provide all the information which are asked. 

  • Step 3:

Attach your documents along with the form, which will be mentioned. 

  • Step 4:

Post this form to the head office. And they will get in touch with you. 

  • Step 5 :

When your documents will be verified you will be informed of all the login information of the account. 

Exposures offered to the customers:

  • The exposure for the equity delivery is up to 3X.
  • The exposure for the equity intraday is up to 20X.
  • The exposure for the equity future is up to 3X.
  • The exposure for the equity options is 3X.
  • The exposure for the currency futures is up to 2X.
  • The exposure for the currency options is 2X.
  • The exposure for the Commodity futures is up to 3X.
  • The exposure for the commodity options is up to 3X.

Ratings are given by the customers:

  • The rating on their brokerage charges and plans is 8.5 out of 10.
  • The rating on the AMC Charges is 9.0 out of 10.
  • The rating on the customer support is 9.5 out of 10.
  • The rating on their trading platform is 9.5 out of 10.


  • Their network is extended, they also provide services abroad.
  • They offer a wide range of trading products.
  • They avail their customers with free research reports.
  • They also train the beginners.
  • Their services and plannings are the best.
  • They have a wide network of branches in India, and also out of India.
  • They offer advance order types like valid to date VTD.


  • They do not offer 3 in 1 account.
  • The number of complaints is high on NSE ad BSE,
  • The investment through the iifl is not smooth as compare to the others.
  • The charges of brokerage are higher as compare to the other discount brokers. 
  • There are no charts available for intraday.


IIFL is the best option for the noobs in the market. IIFL trains their customers and gives them suggestions. Their trading platforms are also of high quality and fast. Although there are some drawbacks of the IIFL these are less and ignorable as compared to their benefits and unique offers. 

So, if you are confused about opening an account on IIFL, then you need no worries. Give IIFL a try, they will never disappoint you and will give you unique offers and 100% services.