SensiBull Review

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Sensibull is an autonomous startup with its own exclusive choices exchanging stage (Sensibull). Sensibull has partnered with brokers such as Zerodha, 5paisa, and Motilal Oswal to allow you to trade directly on the selected options strategy from the platform rather than copying it. To get the best options strategy, you must first have an opinion on a specific stock or index. the viewpoint can be bullish (stock prices will rise in the coming days) or bearish (stock prices will fall) ( the prices are going to fall in the com.


Sensibull is only affiliated with Zerodha, 5paisa, Motilal Oswal, and Alice Blue. 

Plans offered by Sensibull:

Sensibull offers three plans.

Pro, Lite, and Free (for a maximum of 14 days). 

The Pro plan includes advanced tools and features such as Implied Volatility (IV) charts, powerful statistical tools, currency options, and all of the Lite plan’s features. The Pro plan is designed for experienced options traders. Option chain, strategies wizard, real-time Profit & Loss, 10 watchlist, open interest analysis, and other tools are included in the Lite plan. 

The Lite plan is ideal for inexperienced options traders.

Features of Sensibull 

  1. Create Option Strategies 

Sensibull assists you in developing options trading strategies based on your market perceptions. It also alerts you to upcoming events such as GDP data, RBI policy, and company results that may have an impact on your strategy. 

  1. Easy Order Placement  

After you’ve decided on a strategy, you won’t have to enter individual buy/sell orders on your broker’s platform.

  1. Compare Options

If you are undecided between two or more strategies, you can combine them to compare strategies and see the P&L in different scenarios. You can change the spot, dates, implied volatility (IVs), and finally choose the best option strategy.

  1. In-built Insights

Sensibull alerts you to any potential events, such as a company’s corporate action, such as a stock split, rights issue, or ongoing buyback, that may have an impact on your trade. Details such as the impact of GDP data, RBI policy, and FII activity are also included in the insights.

  1. Options Strategy for Any Day

In general, strategy engines on the market recommend option strategies for the expiry date. However, Sensibull allows you to trade options strategies on any day of your choosing, including the option expiry date.

  1. Option Chain

The Option Chain provides a visual representation of the entire open interest buildup for any stock or index listed with Sensibull. On the option chain screen, you can see fine details such as real-time Greeks, built-in event notifications, and the percentage of implied volatility, among * 8 * 

Sensibull By Zerodha

To use Sensibull platform in Zerodha, you have 2 methods

  • Use Zerodha Login to access the Sensibull platform
  • Use Sensibull website and login with Zerodha ID
  • You can access the Sensibull platform by logging in to your Zerodha trading account as usual and then using the Sensibull app.

Procedure for availing access of Zerodha:

Just follow the steps below to access Sensibull.

  •  Log in with your Zerodha account
  • To log in entering your 2 factor PIN details.
  • Log on to the Sensibull app
  • After logging in, go to the top and select the Apps tab, then scroll down to find Sensibull.
  • Use Sensibull Website and Login with Zerodha ID
  • You can directly go to the Sensibull website to log in to the Sensibull platform.
  • Select your broker – Once you click the log-in page you will be redirected to select your stockbroker.
  • Select Zerodha and use your Zerodha Trading ID and password to use the Sensibull trading platform.
  • After logging into Sensibull, you will be presented with the dashboard shown above, from which you can create watchlists, view your options position and orders, and access various Sensibull tools. To make a watchlist, go to the top and click the watchlist tab. To find the options to add to the watchlist, go to the “Add” tab. You must choose a contract type from Futures, Put Option, or Call Option. You must also select the Strike price (the price at which the option is exercised) and the expiry date. Similarly, you can add additional stock and index options to your watchlist.

Products of Sensibull:

Sensibull allows buy and sell only for 

  1. Futures
  2. Options.

Sensibull Option Chain

The Sensibull option chain is a visual representation of various option-related numbers in an easy-to-read format.

The data captured by the option chain are 

  • Open Interest build-up for individual stocks, Nifty and Bank Nifty
  • Implied Volatility figures and percentage
  • Choice Greeks like Delta, Vega, and Theta figures 
  • In Sensibull, click “Dashboard” – the three lines at the top left of your screen –to access the option chain. Scroll down to locate the OC (Option Chain) tab. To access the option chain tool, click the option chain (OC) tab.
  • The following is the Sensibull Option Chain screen that you will see on your screen.
  1. Displays the stock or index for which option chain details are displayed on your screen.
  2.  This section contains the option expiry date details, with the option to change the date, the most recent trading price per lot, and the ability to show or hide the option Greek details.
  3. The column displays the various strike prices as well as the corresponding volatility information.
  4. Displays the open interest details for a specific strike price in lakhs, as well as the percentage change in open interest.
  5.  The details of option Greeks (Theta, Vega, Gamma) value for that particular strike are shown on the right-hand side rows.

What I Like About Sensibull 

  • Easy options trading platform
  • Integrated with stockbroker
  • Features like option chain and strategy builder
  • Factors likely impact of events in strategy
  • Options strategy for all days

What can be improved?

  • Need to add other indexes just like Sensex (currently has only Nifty and Bank Index only)
  • mixed with other stockbrokers
  • Sensibull Free Trial
  • Sensibull provides a 7 to 14-day free trial for options traders, but this varies depending on your stockbroker. If your stockbroker has signed up for the free trial offer, he can pass that benefit on to you.
  • The Sensibull free trial contains fee features like
  • Options trading tutorials
  • NSE option chain
  • Stocks results and events calendar
  • Trading advice
  • Easy options for beginners


Sensibull is a one-stop shop for all of your option trading needs. The platform serves as a guide and options trading partner, providing warnings in the form of scenarios that protect against making incorrect option trades. Before you trade, you have all of the data, events, risk, and potential P&L details at your disposal. In addition, new options traders can learn and practice trading on paper.