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Best Business Credit Cards in India

Business credit cards offer advantages and features that will help you grow your business well and take care of employee expenses through tools that allow you to regulate and control costs. The offers and benefits offered to motivate you to attract you as a business owner, making the provide sweeter and more mutually beneficial.

Best Business Credit Cards in India: Business Tours would be more interesting if you get good discounts when booking airline tickets. So here is a list of the eight best business credit cards applied these days. You can get exciting offers on these credit cards and save a lot of money on business trips. When you want to sell extra luggage or good hospitality in the airport lounge, these credit cards can help.

Check out the latest offers and find out which credit cards will help you reduce your business travel expenses. Each card has a unique feature and different designs. You cannot get all offers on your credit card. So you first understand the elements, and then you make the decision.

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Features and Benefits of Business Credit Cards

  • Two advantages: With business credit cards, both employers and employees can benefit. In the case of autonomous business cards, the cardholders and their companies help. Employers can see and analyze spending every month. Employees can make transactions without money.
  • Secure transactions: Business credit cards offer secure transactions. There is no risk of losing money or collecting money. Credit cards can cover your business expenses at the same time.
  • Online convenience: The card can be managed online through the banking portal. These include viewing statements, paying bills, blocking cards, escalating conflicts, and making it much easier and more comfortable.
  • Credit Card Abstracts: Monthly credit card summaries save a lot of time and help you track your expenses and calculations effectively. It is also useful for budgeting and future operations. Business owners can see where the money is being spent without much effort.
  • Employee Cost Supervisor: Business credit cards often have the option to limit the expense limit. Employers can also track employee credit card expenses.
  • Rewards: Some banks offer reward points, refunds, discounts, and deals on credit cards. Employees or cardholders can win prizes, which can then be exchanged for gifts, vouchers, and so on.
  • Multipurpose Expenses: Business credit cards can be used to spend money on travel, entertainment, utilities, repairs and maintenance, business operations, and so on. Employers may also be able to limit the purpose of spending through a credit card. Cardholders can only invest in specific categories.
  • Consolidated charges: Cardholders will be able to cover all costs at once, but will also be able to enjoy paying for multiple cards with a single payment.

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Business Credit Card Tips

  • Business cards can provide the revolving credit you need. But credit cards should be used with caution.
  • Choose the correct card for you and your business. Some of the benefits include some travel and insurance coverage cards, but they also have large annual fees. If you don’t need these benefits, choose a more straightforward card that doesn’t include annual fees and expenses.
  • Examine monthly accounts and verify all transactions.
  • Use your statements to budget and reduce costs.
  • Ensure you know all the features of our card. Business owners can limit employee spending and even impose restrictions on specific categories. Use these opportunities to make good money.
  • These cards generally do not have additional card options for family members, as the company will pay the bills.
  • Email and SMS alerts are available on almost every card for instant credit card transaction notifications.

Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs get financing to run a business. For example, they can be used to buy office furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. These cards are not for personal use and may not be used by individuals to cover non-commercial expenses. Many banks in India offer this type of business credit card, including State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC, Axis Bank, Citibank, and ICICI.

Functions and Advantage of Small Business Cards

  • Business credit cards have higher credit limits than regular credit cards
  • Companies can help you deal with emergency expenses without any problems
  • The wallets and prizes offered on these cards are much better than regular cards.
  • It is safer
  • They can be used to buy through clean online banks and are therefore very convenient to use

How to Choose a Business Credit Card?

The following are the factors to consider when choosing a business card.

  • First, you need to consider the credit limit offered by your Credit Card Company or bank for your credit card. It is recommended to choose the card with the highest credit limit.
  • Second, check the default interest rate and adjustable processing fees. Find a card with a lower interest rate.
  • You should also consider how easy it is to obtain a card and documentation before choosing.
  • Rewards, cash back benefits, and discounts also play a crucial role in choosing a credit card. You need to select a card that offers more services.
  • You will need to evaluate a card based on the advantages of the business. For example, if you travel a lot, you should choose a ticket that offers the most significant travel benefits.

Documents Required For Business Credit Cards

The document required to obtain a business credit card varies by company. However, in general, you need to follow the forms to get a credit card.

  • Identity card
  • Age test
  • Residence address test
  • Proof of income, loss and profit and general balance sheet
  • MOA is the case for more than one ownership model.

List of The Best Business Credit Cards In India

#1. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

We will share the best credit card that can be used for business purposes.

You can easily use the SBI Air India Signature credit card to become a member of INR 4999 plus taxes. If you are impressed with the card features, you can renew the INR 4999 every year.


  • You will receive a prize of 20,000 points when you submit your membership fee.
  • Earn 5,000 prize points by sending a renewal fee as a birthday gift.
  • Each reward point converts Air India miles.
  • Secure access to the luxurious lounge at the international airport at 600 airports.
  • Earn 4 prize points for all expenses of INR 100.
  • Earn 30 award points on flight bookings made through Air India for every 100 INR.

#2. AMEX Platinum Travel Credit

The AMEX Platinum travel credit card is available for INR 3500 plus taxes, and from next year the card renewal fee will be added to INR 5000 plus taxes. Because the card has good deals, many consumers are renewing their credit card withholding.


  • Get your 7700 INR travel ticket with a 1.90 INR expense card.
  • Win an INR 11800 travel voucher with a 4 Lakes INR spending card.
  • Enjoy four free visits a year.
  • Get an electronic gift worth INR 10,000 from the Taj Hotel.
  • Spend 50 INR and earn one reward point.
  • Enjoy a 20% discount at selected restaurants.

#3. YES First Business Credit Card

Get a Yes First Business credit card with INR 2500 plus GST. This card charges INR 2500 plus GST each year at the end of the credit card. Check out the different designs that this credit card offers.


  • Make your first transaction within 30 days and earn 24,000 reward points.
  • Get the 24,000 reward point upgrade benefits.
  • Spend INR 12 lakes a year and earn 20,000 reward points.
  • Spend 100 INR on national travel agencies and airlines and earn eight award points.
  • Earn four prize points for all INR 100 expenses in other categories.

#4. Yes Prosperity Business Credit Card

Both Prosperity business credit cards add up to INR 2500 plus taxes and, to renew your credit card, the fees remain the same as taxes. See the exciting features of this card.


  • Win 12,000 prize points for the first transaction made within 30 days.
  • Get a 12,000 point upgrade bonus every year.
  • Spend INR 6 lakes and earn 10,000 prize points.
  • Return prize points INR 0.25 for each prize point.
  • Every year, you get a free golf lesson.

#5. Infinity HDFC Credit Card

The Infinity HDFC credit card is free of charge. Annual fees are set according to HDFC banking standards. If you are a potential HDFC customer, the membership and renewal fees may vary.


  • Free access to the airport lounge for 1,000 airport lounges around the world.
  • Enjoy 10 kg more luggage when booking cheap flights to Vista.
  • Get a 15% discount on private meals at 3,000 restaurants.
  • Earn 5 reward points for every INR spent on this card.
  • Get 50 days of free interest.

#6. Sapphiro ICICI credit card

Sapphiro ICICI credit card membership fee is INR 6500 plus taxes. On the other hand, the bank charges an annual fee of INR 3500 plus tax renewal. You can check the offers on this credit card.


  • Buy your BookmyShow card and get an INR 500 discount on your second ticket.
  • Join INR 10000 bonus on travel and shopping.
  • Earn 20,000 prize points as a refund for the upgrade.
  • Four free national lounges at the airport, which is visited every three months.
  • Free annual tours of 2 international airport lounges.

#7. HDFC Diners credit card

The HDFC Diners credit card is available for INR 5,000 plus taxes. The bank waives the renewal rate if the consumer spends more than INR 5 lakhs per year.


  • Win 5,000 prize points by adding and renewing.
  • Reward points at AirMiles, redefining British V Airers and Vistara Club tickets.
  • Spend 150 INR on retail purchases and earn five reward points.
  • A reward point is 1 rupee.
  • Quarterly 6 free golf games.

#8. Axis Miles & More Credit Card

Axis Bank offers Axis Miles and More Select credit cards and Axis Miles and More Credit World. Both credit cards have different annual and renewal rates. Choosing a credit card charges an INR 10,000 fee and an INR 4500 renewal fee. On the other hand, the general credit card has an INR 3500 renewal and membership fees.


  • Get exciting discounts when booking flight tickets.
  • Upgrade plane tickets to the upper class.
  • Earn 55,000 miles a year.
  • Spend 200 INR and win prizes for 4 miles.
  • Win 5000 miles of prizes as a welcome offer.


Now you have a list of the best business credit cards. You have to choose the best among them. You can compare all credit card offers and rates and apply them to Wishfin. Wishfin is the only portal that will help you make the best choice. First, you need to check your CIBIL score and then apply accordingly.

We hope the information provided above will be useful to small business owners and businesses. This information is consistent with the latest news available on the Internet. I will update this post from time to time based on the latest information at the top of my credit cards.