Best Project Management Software

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Why is the administration of project management (PM) often time-consuming and inefficient? Are you still editing spreadsheets daily, drowning in post-its, and engaging in weekly report sessions? That is a waste of time and money indeed. With a bit of support from the right tech platform, you will provide a full summary of your project at a glance. There are more than enough tools for project management these days, helping you keep on top of and project.

In this post, we will clarify what project management software is, illustrate important facets of the capabilities of project management software that are necessary to remember when selecting a program For the company and, of course, give you a summary of the latest tools on the market for project management.

What is used for Project Management?

Project Management Software is software for project planning, resource utilization, and a schedule that is used across a large variety of businesses. This helps project managers as well as entire teams to track their schedule, performance tracking, and other documents shared within a project. This program also acts as a forum to promote cooperation between stakeholders in the project.

What makes Tools for Project Management good?

There is a lot to remember when operating and overseeing projects, from tracking down deliverables to managing capital and from budget management to cooperation with team members. This is valid when considering the best software platform for project management as well. To guide you in your choice, here is a list of the top 5 main features facets of project management applications.

  • Task lists: It is important to be able to delegate and monitor the progress of assignments so that everyone on the team is on the same page.
  • Schedules: certain apps include schedules, Gantt maps, or milestone guides to help you recognize where a job falls into the entire process and how much time it takes to finish it.
  • File exchanging: exchanging and arranging main project records reduces the loss of time looking for data
  • Contact: This is crucial in project management since a seamless communication flow means fast and simple problem-solving.
  • Reporting: This is important for all members of the team when it comes to reviewing the project as a whole. This is still, however, a major benefit for project managers who want to ensure that the project continues and that projects are carried out promptly.

With these things in mind, let’s look at the top 10 best tools for project management.

#1. Wrike

Wrike project management

Wrike is a platform for cloud-based collaboration and project management.

These tools allow users to keep track of day-to-day activities and ensure that the project is completed within a certain framework and at a pre-determined amount. Wrike can be combined with other business applications including Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, and several more when setting up tasks.

The Wrike application also offers the possibility of translating emails into tasks. Users can also build, delegate, or edit documents from their email address through this email integration.

  • Wrike provides a free version, a technical version (5-15 users, $9.80 / user / month), a corporate version (5-200 users, $24.80 / user / month), a marketing version ($34.60 / user / month) and a corporate version (pricing available on request).

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Monday Platform teamwork

By building your personalized workflow, start with In this workflow, items like time control, email, or places can be visualized and illuminated. Through this app, you can collaborate and work with your whole team and save time by documenting only the necessary documentation and conversations.

  • Based on the business size and the number of customers, provides numerous paying services. From Basic EUR 17 (2 users per month) to Pro EUR 39 (2 users per month). They also sell (pricing available upon request) an Enterprise kit.

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#3. ProofHub

ProofHub  project management

ProofHub is an online application for project management with a focus on convenience. This program for project management is intended primarily for small and growing enterprises. Projects are delegated to communities and customers capable of debating, communicating, and editing. Proofhub also provides Gantt charts to create customized positions for users to create. Custom Tasks, Job Management, Workflows and Committees, Gantt Maps, Files, Time Monitoring, Meetings, Talk, Schedule, File Storage, Notes, and In-App Alerts are some of the following subcomponents of ProofHub.

Top characteristics:
  • User Functions Allocated
  • Discussions and chats from the online squad
  • Delegation and duty assignments
  • Plan background monitoring and recording
  • Stable Storage File
What is important about this tool:
  • ProofHub provides a user interface that is simple and well-designed to help the teamwork more effectively.
  • Around 20 dollars a month (up to 10 projects) to 150 dollars per month (unlimited projects)


#4. Podio

Podio is an online portal

Podio is an online portal for job and team collaboration that is scalable and fully customizable.

Top characteristics:
  • In the approach, delegate roles, install files, and address information
  • Encrypted & Wide Files Sharing
  • Automation of distribution pipelines, management of project budget, and more
  • Get an overview of the Digital Dashboards market
  • Automate the workflows you have
What is important about this tool:

You can apply if-this-then-that logic to Podio apps with the Podio workflows functionality. For example, when an object is created or when a new change is made to an object, notify your app to add a task or message.

  • A wide suite of features from $24 a month/user

#5. ClickUp


For workflow and task control, ClickUp is fine. You will configure the process, delegate tasks, and incorporate numerous forms of job dependencies. This platform would suit you if you deal with Agile. Handle the sprints, manage the money, review the team’s workload and collaborate on this platform together with other teams.

Top characteristics:
  • (Board, Box, List) 3 different views
  • Allocate feedback
  • Stylish hierarchy to keep projects easy as they expand
  • Instruments such as ‘Smart Scan’ and ‘Smart Forecasts’ make you more effective over time.
  • Free for up to 100 MB, $5 user/month Premium. In an otherwise barren room, ClickUp’s stunning architecture and unparalleled user interface mirror what Slack did for connectivity.

#6. Asana

Asana project management program

The Asana project management program includes jobs, assignments, interactions, and dashboards to keep the job coordinated. Many pleased users agree that the ability to add client fields and watch just what is important to you is the most catchy function this application has to offer. The app also has Team Pages where thoughts and interactions are exchanged for all to view, as well as a ‘Smart Box’ where team members access only substantial project feedback instead of just back and forth messages. A vast number of other applications, including Google Drive, DropBox, Github, MailChimp, and more, can be combined with it.

Top characteristics:
  • Split down the job into assignments and delegate them to team members.
  • Organize the duties into roadmap and timetable items
  • Review objectives and review the success of the squad.
  • Get told about modified projects
  • To get a short rundown, use project dashboards to
What is important about this tool:
  • With a basic interface, Asana is a very easy-to-use tool. Check it out if you are a small team of tasks that are not too complicated.
  • Free for up to 15 users, $8.33 user/month Premium

#7. Trello

 Trello is an online kanban application

Unlike these other project management methods, Trello is an online kanban application. This suggests that in only one particular vision it visualizes a whole project. Trello allows cards to be made and relocated on the ‘board’ above them. E.g., discussions or to-do lists, which can be displayed on a screen, can view these cards, making them available to each of the authorized users of the app.

Top characteristics:
  • Quick on-cardboard task management
  • Unlimited Work Lists development
  • Image and transfer of files
  • Organizing lists according to dates or goals
  • Commenting and relationship
What is important about this tool:
  • Trello is the most visual way for teams to work on each project, from startups to Fortune 500 firms.
  • Free for private use, for companies, $9.99 user/month

#8. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is a fantastic project management

Teamwork Projects is a fantastic project management program for power users in project management. Teamwork Projects provide all the information you need to monitor a project’s progress. The software is very versatile and contains various intuitive features such as Task Management, Milestones (for example, Milestones task lists can be linked), Email, File Storage, Time Monitoring Tools, and more. Using a marked schedule, Gantt chart, and set-up documentation, teamwork also lets project leaders envision the project. With Dropbox, Google Drive, and, file storage support is available.

Top characteristics:
  • Planning ventures on Gantt maps
  • Tracking time and filing
  • For each mission, adjustable characteristics
  • Pages of tasks of sub-tasks
  • Control of Milestone
  • Comprehensive Permissions for Users
What is important about this tool:
  • Projects for teamwork are quick to use and filled with features. The platform easily combines with the other two offerings of Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Talk.
  • From 49 dollars / month

#9. MeisterTask


The plain, but efficient Kanban system of MeisterTask facilitates the smooth managing of tasks. This smart, intuitive online task management platform, with its wide range of collaboration features, is a common option for teams who prioritize clean graphic design and user interface.

Apps such as watching, mentioning, tagging, and arranging of assignments make it convenient and fun to work both in-house and in the home office with colleagues. The first-of-its-kind goal is also included in the MeisterTask: a personal board on which assignments from any project can be pinned and arranged. Despite this comprehensive versatility, thanks to a variety of smart automation and robust native integrations with applications like G Suite, Slack, and GitHub, MeisterTask remains fast and logical.

  • A free Standard edition with selected core features is provided by MeisterTask. Pro ($8.25 / per user / per month), has a more robust functionality set for sole users, while the Company ($20.75 / per user / per month) and Enterprise (on request) bundles are better supported by teams.

#10. BaseCamp

Basecamp is a common program

Basecamp is a common program for project management that is commonly used by many teams participating in project management. This app has numerous interactive functions, such as a dedicated chat area where feedback can be left behind by users. Also, a recap of the tasks your team is working on (e.g. status and updates) is sent to your inbox regularly. Users will participate via email to discussions as well. You can use this software’s powerful search feature to locate files or communications if you are unable to identify a specific object.

However, certain drawbacks include the absence of benchmarks and modification tools, as well as the inability to extend or allocate an approximate time to more than one user for a mission.

Top characteristics:
  • Projects for handling the work of many users
  • To explore current projects or suggestions, message boards
  • Team in-app coordination
  • Plan Success Monitoring
  • Separate dashboard to show consumers
  • Notifications via email and desktop
What is important about this tool:
  • For educators and students, Basecamp is free!


  • For limitless users, $99 / month