Zerodha Review

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Zerodha is an Indian financial services company that is a member of NSE, BSE, and MCX. This was founded in 2010. Its headquarters are in Bangalore and Karnataka in India. It is a famous discount broker which facilitates their customers with online services, which means it is the technologically strong broker. Zerodha is the best stock intermediary right now in the low brokerage cost and services. they offer a great internet user experience stage, brokerage charges a low business expense, and are the most straightforward stock specialist. Ceaseless improvement and advancement made them the quickest developing fintech organization in India. Here are the good qualities of Zerodha.

Zerodha Account opening fees

  • Zerodha online account opening charges are Rs. 200/-
  • Trading and Demat account opening charges are also Rs. 200/-
  • Trading account maintenance charges are zero.
  • Demat account maintenance charges are Rs. 300/- per year.

Zerodha brokerage fees: 

  • The chargers for the equity delivery are zero.
  • The charges for Equity Intraday are Rs. 20/-
  • The charges for the Equity Futures are Rs. 20/-
  • The charges for the Equity options are also Rs. 20/-
  • The charges for the Currency Futures are Rs. 20/-
  • The charges for the currency options are Rs. 20 /-
  • Commodities charges are Ra. 20/-
  • There are no charges for mutual funds. 

Fee Frameworks

  • Securities transaction charges apply only for the seller side. But it is charged for both seller and buyer for the Equity Delivery side. 
  • There are also charges for utilizing their trading platforms. 
  • GST, Goods, and Services Tax is 18%.
  • They charge SEBI charges of Rs. 5/- against 5 crore. 

Hidden Fees

  • They charge Rs. 50/- per call in the SMS & Call facility.
  • They sent you the digital contracts, and you will have to send the copies of these contracts via courier with charges of Rs.20/- and also you will have to pay the courier payments. 
  • They charge Rs.9/- per fund transfer.

Types of Zerodha Demat account :

  1. Online account: 

The charges for this account are Rs. 200/-

  1. Offline account: 

The charges for this account are Rs. 400/-

  1. NRI account: 

The charges for the NRI account are Rs. 600/-

  1. Partnership corporate:

The charges for partnership corporate are Rs.800/-

Zerodha online account opening

If you are looking for an online account opening of the Zerodha, you have to follow the following easy steps

  • Fill an application form of Zerodha, and submit it. Your account will be opened.
  • Open your account quickly with AADHAAR.


The documents needed for the opening of the Zerodha account are,

  1. PAN Card 
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Passport size image
  4. Bank’s passbook. 

Charges for the opening of Demat account :

  • The charges for the opening of the Demat account are zero. 
  • The charges of the account per year are Rs. 300/-

Procedure for the opening of Demat account :

If you want to open an online Demat account then you will have to follow the following steps. 

  • Step 1:

Visit their website and sign up. 

  • Step 2:

Enter your contact number, email id, PAN no, and Date of birth. 

  • Step 3:

Sign in to the DigiLocker. 

  • Step 4:

Share the copy of Aadhaar with the broker. 

  • Step 5:

Verify your Aadhaar details. 

  • Step 6:

Provide all your personal information as per options. 

  • Step 7:

Then enter into the E-sign Equity and you will be on the page of NSDL. 

  • Step 8:

The password will be sent to your email id or contact number, then you have to verify it in order to open an account. 

  • Step 9:

Provide all the instructions which will be asked, then submit it. 

  • Step 10:

You will be informed that your account has been opened. Then your Demat account will be ready for trading. 

Benefits of Demat account :

  • The customer will be facilitated with the easiest transactions of Demat for trading. 
  • There are low charges for opening a Demat account. 
  • Other charges are also reasonable. 

3 in 1 account opening procedure of Zerodha:

As such, there is no proper procedure for it. Once the customer has opened his/her Zerodha account, the customer will have to just switch the link with IDFC bank. Then the Demat account will be opened which is like 3 in 1 account of Zerodha. So, it is an easy and reachable process. 

Documentation :

To open 3 in 1 account of Zerodha, the customer will have to submit the following documents. 

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN card
  • Statement of the bank account opened already through IDFC.
  • Passport size image. 
  • Salary slip for the proof of income.

Benefits of Zerodha 3 in 1 account :

The customer will be availed with the fast transfer of the deposits from the Zerodha account to trading accounts without any hustle and hectic process, the customer can track all of his/her assets with the help of one account. 

The customer can also earn Interest from the balance, the earning will be about 7% or more. 

The transfer of the deposits is free of cost. 

  • Percentage of the complaints:
  • The percentage of the complaints of Zerodha is 0.01%.

Zerodha online trading platforms:

  • Kite 3.0 ( web-based trading platform)
  • Kite Android ( Mobile trading app)
  • Zerodha console ( Reporting dashboard)
  • Zerodha Sentinel ( Price alert tool)
  • Zerodha coin ( Mutual investment of fund)
  • Calls and trades

Zerodha Exposure :

  • The exposure of Equity Delivery is up to 7X.
  • The exposure of Equity Intraday is up to 14X.
  • The exposure to Equity features is up to 5X.
  • The exposure to Equity options is up to 5X. 
  • The exposure to Currency features is up to 4X.
  • The exposure to currency options is up to 5X.
  • The exposure to Commodities is up to 6X.

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Saving of the brokerage with Zerodha:

The main thing in trade is saving. The best Broker saves the brokerage for investors and for traders as well. 

  • If you are an investor, and you want to invest, with brokerage then you will have to pay the investment fee. ( In case of any other broker). While in Zerodha you will have to pay nothing. Their investment charges are zero. 
  • If you are a trader, Zerodha charges just Rs. 20/- for Intraday. The brokerage of Zerodha is not based on trading value. With the help of which, you can save 90% of the brokerage from the Zerodha as a trader. 

Newsfeed facilities :

When you will open an account, you will get notified with the news feed. There will be the latest ideas of tradings and investment. It is a type of training. There will be notifications for the problems and their solutions. You can track all the information from the news feed with the help of Zerodha. 

Facilities for the beginners :

Zerodha provides extra facilities for beginners. They train them with video tutorials and live webinars. They inform them about the latest and good options for trading and investment. So, we can say that Zerodha is very for beginners or for those who have no idea about trading and investment. 

Partner products of the Zerodha. 

  1. Small case. 
  2. Streak
  3. Sensible
  4. GoldenPi
  • Customers ratings for Zerodha:
  • The rating for the charges and fees is 9.8 out of 10.
  • The ratings for their trading platforms are 9.9 out of 10.
  • The rating for their products is 9.5 out of 10.
  • The rating of experience is 8 out of 10.
  • The overall rating is 9.75 out of 10.
  • Pros: 
  • Zerodha is the largest stockbroker in India by the number of active clients and reviews.
  • This is the safest and trustable broker.
  • This brokerage offers free equity delivery trades.
  • This is the cheapest share broker in India.
  • You can directly apply for new IPOs directly with a Zerodha account.
  • They zero brokerage On delivery trades. 
  • Their processing for account opening is the easiest. 
  • They have 30 lacs, active customers. 
  • They charge low EFT fees to their customers. 
  • They charge nill fee for the deposits. 
  • Their trading platforms are user-friendly and easy to use. 
  • This is also famous in India for a discount broker, which means it has the lowest and cheapest brokerage charges and fees. 


  • This is a modern trader system, having all the systems operated online. There is no physical appearance of its company. It causes some issues for the traders having old mindset. 
  • They don’t offer their customers free research tools. 
  • They charge for the call service. 
  • They cover only the Indian trading and market. 
  • The account fee is Rs. 300/- per year. 
  • Credit or debit cards are not issued. 
  • Zerodha just has a one-step login process which doesn’t assure security. There must be a two-step log-in procedure od the Zerodha account. 

Conclusion :

Zerodha is the largest discount broker in India having many active clients and positive ratings. They assure customer support in every situation. 

Their start was from 10 customers and now they are grown in lacs and marked as No 1 Brokers in India. This success is because of their services and schemes they are providing. 

When there is something issue to their customers, they take it positively and apologize to their customers. It means they have more concern about their customers than their reputation. 

Their pricing is low and competitive in the market. 

By keeping in mind these things, we can conclude that Zerodha is the number 1 broker in India. And Zerodha is best for the noobs customers because they train them and give them many options for trading.

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