How To Find Readers For Your Blog

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Great blog content is essential but what becomes of your great blog content when there are no readers?  No matter how good your blog content is, without your blog getting any readers, your blog is good as useless. As a blog fresher, it is also often difficult to get readers for your blog and build your blogging community. This can be very discouraging and has often made most people give up on their blog easily. As discouraging as this may be, you should not just give up easily as that would not solve the problem but only end up giving you regrets in the future instead of just angrily forsaking your long time desire to start up your own blog just because of the initial low turnout a little patience and persistence coupled with a few other tricks I will be sharing below will help your blog find just the amount of readers you need. So without further ado let’s dive right into it.

Steps to gaining readers for your blog

#1. Get readers by writing great content

This is the first step towards getting readers for your blog. Great blog content is like magnets they attract visitors to your blog at all times. A lot of readers (if not all readers) are intrigued by great content. The better the quality of the content on your blog, the more readers find their way to your blog. When readers come to your blog, they are searching for answers and as such, they expect to get what they are looking for from your blog. The exact moment they discover that they can’t find the answers they seek from your blog, you just lost another reader as they will gladly go find their answers elsewhere. 

Another noteworthy point in creating content is to make sure you are not just blogging about what readers are not interested in. Take your time to find out what people who visit different blogs are actually after before you set out to create your own content.

#2. Blog about something extra-ordinary

This is another trick that comes in handy when it comes to getting new content for your blog. Blogging about some out-of-the-box idea will actually go a long way to help you create your blogging audience.

You don’t just expect social media influencers to speak about your blog or recommend your blog if you are actually blogging about what every “Dick and Harry” is also writing about. You probably will just be seen as one of the many “bloggers” that just write common content on the internet.

So don’t just sit there and write about anything. It may be something in particular that you are very passionate about something that makes you stand out from your colleagues and blog about it. You will be surprised how readers will find their way to your blog.

#3. Take advantage of social media.

Social media rules the present day age so if you are not particularly interested in social media you might want to rethink that as it will actually help you in getting readers for your blog. Don’t just sit around and wait for some random person to help you promote your blog. You can do it yourself! 

Take a moment daily to post about your new blog and why people should actually check it out. Give them something in your post that will want them to want to read your blog no matter what. Take a moment to just sensitize your contact through Facebook or just tweeting via Twitter or any other platform you want to use as long as the job gets done.

You can also take advantage of the wonderful promotions these social media platform offers. They are actually paid promotions and trust me it’s definitely worth your money.

#4. Be consistent

Consistency cannot be undermined in the quest to get readers for your blog thereby growing your blogging community. Consistency involves not scaring easily. You don’t just come up with mind-blowing content once and then you drop to sub-standard content or you do not just post content on your blog once in a blue moon.

When readers visit your blog the first time and they see content that leaves them marveled, they expect to always find great content that they can always enjoy at all times. One of the greatest mistakes you can make as a blogger is losing your readers due to inconsistency. When a reader visits your blog once, then he or she comes back again and leaves angrily because you flopped, that reader tends to discourage other people from visiting your blog so as to save them the trouble of going through that awful experience. Be consistent! 

#5. Give them more to look out for

It is not just enough to have readers for your blog, you have to go the extra mile to turn these readers into subscribers and not many people will be willing to just subscribe to your blog so you can bombard them with e-mails about your blog. 

So what do you do? What you need to do is simple! Give your readers more to look out for. Give them a good reason why they should subscribe to your blog. This is called a “lead magnet”. You actually give them something in exchange for their subscription. For example, let’s say you are a fitness blogger, you can offer them free diet plans when they subscribe to your blog. 

Anything in general that will make them stick to your blog and make them keep coming is exactly what you should offer them.

#6. Never neglect your readers

Like all the previously mentioned points, this point is also very essential in getting readers for your blog. People do not like the feeling of being abandoned. If your blog has a question and answer section (which is necessary) always ensure to check from time to time for new questions from readers and give the appropriate answers at all times. Not answering your reader’s question may lead to them leaving or taking you as an unserious blogger so always endeavor to answer your reader’s questions.


As said earlier, the early days of your blog may seem hard, and unending this should not however make you just give up because giving up never makes anyone great. Keep pushing, be consistent, always ensure you upload great content, and see how well your blog will turn out.

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