Best E-commerce Platform 2021

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Owning and running your own online business doesn’t mean you have to create a company from scratch. Many businessmen do so because they have the ability, expertise, and energy to do so, but there is another choice. If you are interested in running your own online business but want to move forward quickly across the formative years of creating traffic, benefit, and sales, consider buying an online company for sale.

Purchase vs. Launch a New Online Company

What ultimately comes down to purchasing an online business for sale is minimizing the time, money, and information commitment needed to create a company from scratch while also enjoying the benefits of already running an online business.

Buying a company allows entrepreneurs to move through the early stages of start-up development, such as long hours, insufficient cash flow, inventory manufacturing, infrastructure installation, traffic, and customer development, etc., which brings them right to the beneficial facets of a business operation.

Entrepreneurs have the potential to buy into a company that has already proved to be profitable by purchasing an online firm, and the goods are already in demand, which ensures it is a lucrative opportunity to obtain. To gain more market share in a sector in which they currently operate, companies will even buy into established firms, rendering them a fiercer competition and giving them a larger chance to lead.

Pros & Cons in owning a company for sale online

Both have their lists of pros and cons for buying an online business for sale and starting a business from scratch, so it’s important to remember that neither is better than the other. Both have benefits and both have drawbacks, before you decide to commit to either one, it’s just important to know them up front.

The rewards of buying an online company for sale
  • The Legwork is Done For You: To start a company from scratch, skip over the late nights and hours and hours needed; someone else has done it all for you.
  • The Company is Already up & Running: The Company is still passed that point, no need to develop a launch plan and conduct launch campaigns.
  • Items have been sourced: The internet company for sale now has a procurement scheme in place for a reliable dropshipping provider, production provider, private label supplier, or wholesale supplier: no need to check high and low.
The risks of buying an online company for sale
  • Risk Tolerance: Purchasing an online sale company may or may not be the best option for you, based on your risk tolerance.
  • Upfront Investment: There is usually a high initial upfront cost for buying an internet platform for sale, as opposed to building one from scratch and investing in it over a longer time.
  • Bound by Existing Systems: Depending on the online business for sale, replacing existing systems in place can be complicated or impractical, so you may be forced to run the online business with the current systems, whether or not they are the most effective mechanism.

It’s important to remember all the risks and rewards that come with it if purchasing an online company for sale seems like a more appealing choice to you than beginning a business from scratch.

#1. Flippa

Flippa Theme

The first forum used to sell websites was Flippa, and they’re now one of the best. There are plenty of potential customers to sell to and with the 5,000 online companies and domains listed for sale each day and over 600,000 users, there is plenty of variety.

On Flippa, you can not only purchase and sell online firms, but there are other digital properties to select from, such as blogs, domains, and games. If, though, you’re only searching for online firms to purchase, check out Shopify and Amazon FBA stores in their dedicated categories to narrow down company listings from these same sites.

Flippa also provides its safe payments transfer escrow facility, and they give sellers a free appraisal tool so they can discover what their company is worth. Flippa works hard to provide both buyers and sellers on their platform with the smooth and high-quality operation, so if you’re looking for a lot of options and a busy marketplace, Flippa is a perfect alternative.


The pricing of Flippa has adjusted to best match our customers’ reviews. Starter Pages and Applications are $15 to list, $49 for existing websites and $10 for domains. There was no improvement to our performance fees.

#2. Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange is one of the newest exchanges that you can use to acquire and sell online products, and it is the only marketplace exclusively based on Shopify firms.

There are benefits and negatives to this, but the biggest advantage is that you realize you’re having a Shopify store anytime you purchase an online company for sale on the Shopify Market. This is a positive thing since Shopify is one of the industry’s largest and most highly recommended e-commerce sites! It’s also nice that Shopify sellers connect their stores directly with the Shopify Exchange, so they do not alter or adjust any of the details, such as their traffic and revenue figures, that is dragged into the sales listing of their store. This suggests that you are less likely to see the vendor hide all of the valuable information from you.

Buying and selling on the website of Shopify Exchange is free, and through their association with, they provide an escrow service for the purchase process. You can search for sales on the Shopify Exchange via each online company via filter categories such as location, income, age, a form of business, and sector, which can help you minimize your search faster and also categorize dropshipping companies into their segment so that customers searching for that sort of business model can find online dropshipping companies for sale faster.

Only download the Shopify Trade app for sellers to your Shopify store and you will be able to add a description of the store and set a price from there. You will use the Shopify Exchange pricing method to find a suggested sale price that is based on the lifetime sales, traffic, social media followers, and/or email subscribers of your store to determine your selling price.


Starter stores are now designed and marketing ready, but have made sales of less than $100 (traffic and revenue data would not exist for them). As a result, these retailers often retail for even less, and depending on the value you find in the shop and what you think you can access it by promotions, these retailers can be analysed.

#3. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers have a full-service and personalized solution to online business purchasing and selling. Their primary aim is to eliminate the tension that may exist during the purchase and sale process and they achieve that by personally vetting sellers on behalf of the buyer and guiding sellers to navigate the selling process step-by-step.

Use the Empire Marketplace for shoppers to choose the best online company for you and pay a 5% refundable deposit to get access to 12 months of shop information. Empire Flippers also helps promote contact through arranging calls with the vendor, and their staff checks the data of the shop so that you can make confident that it is valid and specific.

Empire Flippers aim to screen out non-serious customers for vendors, they can let you make more profits than you might if you sold your online company on your own, the whole buying process is handled on your behalf, plus they have listing prices that are competitively priced.

  • 2 % for any organization over a listing price of $10 million
  • For any company with a list price of $5 million and $10 million, 5 %
  • 8% on any company with a list price of between $2 million and $5 million
  • 12% on any company between the listing price of $1 million and $2 million

#4. FE International

FE International

FE International is a 94.1 per cent transaction performance rate website broker that has a completely tailored distribution platform to ensure that the customer and seller get just what they are looking for from the sales process.

Since they’re a marketplace distributor, they deal with buyers individually to really understand their market and then contact their customer network to identify those who are the best match for the market. Buyers make deals for the firm from there, and FE International negotiates to get the right price for the vendor. Finally, they ensure that the seller presents the buyer with the right details and resources so that the online company can be taken over easily so that both the customer and the seller are satisfied.

FE International is an accomplished team of traders who work together to provide buyers and sellers with high-quality expertise and are most accomplished in assessing 5-7 figure firms.


FE International does not charge the list pages any up-front fee. When they really have a customer who ends up paying you for the website, they just get paid depending on commission, meaning your staff gets a lot of incentive to get out there and market your niche website. When the platform is sold, they charge a fee of 15 percent.

#5. SideProjectors


Looking for more of a side-hustle to take over rather than a full-time business? Get started on SideProjectors. If you’re looking for things to do on the side of your 9-5 work, it’s the website to go to and there are normally online firms or ventures for sale here at more competitive price points.

SideProjectors is also a great place for sellers to go to list those businesses in which they have spent a little time and effort but have not grown into a fully-fledged company so that they can get a little return on their investment. Never leave a side project unfinished again, just pass the materials and tasks to someone willing to take up the job using SideProjectors.

SideProjectors do not control every aspect of the buying process, they only help link buyers and sellers, and so whether you want to purchase or sell on their website, it is important to perform your due diligence thoroughly. It also suggests that an escrow service is not provided, because it is up to buyers and sellers to figure out their payment plan.


They offer a $10 one-off fee to be published in their email.

#6. Digital Exits

Digital Exits

The brokerage to put your business for a high-value sale is Automated Exits. They know their stuff when it comes to optimizing the profitability of a company and having the highest possible deal for it, specialized in helping with the revenues of big tech firms. They try to identify the right buyers for sellers and do that by working with a selected list of ready-to-invest buyers in their network.

By executing a marketing strategy, writing an executive report, handling deal-flow, and keeping several customers involved in the company that is for sale, Digital Exits guides sellers in the process of placing their online business on the market.


Only sells companies that profit in the $250,000–$5,000,000 range

#7. Latona’s

Latona specializes

Latona specializes in proven, cash-flow-positive web assets as a boutique mergers-and-acquisitions broker. Latona also operates e-commerce websites (including Amazon sellers and Shopify), sponsorship, lead production, SaaS, and domain portfolios, beginning as a domain name broker. Latona’s priority is on assets that satisfy two requirements: at least $20,000 in gross benefit and set up for at least one year.


Latona charges you a 15% fee for the selling of your item. This could either be a pro or a con, depending on the scale of the deal. This percentage does not add up to much in the long run, because Latona deals in incredibly small enterprises. A broker will help you decide here. $250,000-$5,000,000 range

#8. QuietLight Brokerage

QuietLight Brokerage

The buying and selling of successful online firms are enabled by QuietLight Trading. A free valuation by a professional analyst is obtained by prospective buyers. Any QuietLight Brokerage adviser has created, purchased, or sold an online firm. Currently, QuietLight lists 29 firms for sale, with prices from $99,000 to $17,000,000.


Currently, QuietLight lists 29 firms for sale, with prices from $99,000 to $17,000,000.

#9. Website Properties

Website Properties

Another brokerage owned by pioneers who have established and sold over 50 internet-based enterprises in the last 20 years is Website Assets. With purchase requirements ranging from $100,000 to $25,000,000, Website Resources has over 25,000 users. It cites a performance rate of 85-percent. The site currently lists 22 companies for sale, with prices from $25,000 to $20,000,000 being offered. At 6 percent, tiered commissions commence.


The site currently lists 22 companies for sale, with prices from $25,000 to $20,000,000 being offered. At 6 percent, tiered commissions commence.


You are now qualified to locate an online company on sale or to place your own online business on offer with the experience and details you need to use. To find a great company that you can expand and scale over time, use the helpful knowledge, tools, ideas, and marketplaces in this post.