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You can start making money by simply starting your own website. It will not only give you financial support but it will help you excel and to know the new trends in your field. You just have to identify the niche you are interested in to start your own website to earn money. Once you start getting organic traffic on your website you can start making money but hard work, focus, and passion are the keys to success here.

People used to think e-commerce sites were the ones that used to generate revenue for you. But actually, it is not the matter. You can turn any website as your financial support once you start your own website with blue host properly.

There is a number of ways, people can make money from websites. Once you establish it and start getting traffic, there comes the next step of monetizing your website. Some methods of monetization are really complex but a few are simpler but they all sure work if done right. Below are the seven most common ways to monetize your website.

#1. Selling Products:

Nowadays, there are more than 650,000 e-commerce websites that are generating 1,000$ plus profit annually. The best part is that this number is growing rapidly year by year.

Shopify and BigCommerce are giants they made it easier for even non-technical people to create their own store to sell things. They offer online tools that come with pre-designed templates. You just need to pick the template, add your own description and product.

#2. Selling A Service:

Selling your service online is another way to earn money. It can be anything. You can tutor online, provide assistance in the household, make plans for others, etc.

Selling your service works much like an online store. The only difference is that you do not need specific website builders. Wix is the easier way to build your own website. It offers you 500 plus pre-designed templates.

A unique selling point is a key to success here. You just need to figure out what makes your service different from others.

#3. Selling Ad Space:

When we see ads on our favorite website, we find it annoying but truth is that these ads are a big source of income for the website holder. You can sell this ad space to earn money. The pay-per-click method is the most common way to sell ad space. Where someone will click on that ad, you will get your share of profit from an advertiser.

#4. Affiliate Marketing:

The arrangement between your website and the company where you send traffic is known as Affiliate marketing. Cost-per-click and Cost-per-acquisition are the ways of generating profit from affiliate marketing.

You just need to put their hyperlink on your website and if people buy anything from that company, you get your share of profit.

#5. Sponsored Posts:

This phrase is particularly used for influencers especially on Instagram. They take money to do the advertisement of the product or companies. You can apply the same method on your website.

Once your website starts getting traffic, companies may approach you to promote their product. 

#6. Generating Leads:

It is the procedure in which you put potential customers in touch with the companies that may interest them. This whole process is a little bit complex. Let me make it clear by giving you an example. If you are running a sports-related website, you can work with sports brands and then put them in touch with players to enhance their performance.

Unlike affiliate marketing, you show people what is best for them. You can collaborate with personal trainers, sports scientists, coaches and help to generate leads for their business.

#7. Subscriptions:

Any online service can be monetized through a subscription model. Most of the online platforms specify a ‘members-only’ area on every website which is always protected by your username and password. This is the area you can store your blog posts, researches, videos, etc. People who subscribe to your online service can get access to this specific area.

Subscriptions give you benefit best when you have some product to sell that people can’t buy physically.

To sum up, thinking that e-commerce websites are the sole way of earning money online is nothing but a deception. Nowadays, when the internet is growing at a rapid speed, so are the ways of earning money. There are far more ways to earn online and one of the most popular ways is to start your own website.

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