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One of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world is Amazon. This website has everything you can imagine from clothes to books to gadgets. Amazon is not just diverse in products; it offers you to sell products to make money as well. Selling products on Amazon is an extremely easy and proper way to reach billions of buyers who are interested to buy the products. It does not matter if you want to sell less or more, Amazon equips you with the tools and services needed to sell successfully. Below is the guideline for you to get to know about how to sell on Amazon to earn money.

#1. Create your seller account:

First thing is to create your seller account on Amazon. You just need your Tax information (GST number & PAN) and your active bank account. You will get access to seller central once you successfully register yourself as a seller on Amazon.

#2. Upload your Listing:

You will be needing to list all your products as soon as you get yourself registered on Amazon. There are two ways to list your products e.g to use easy-to-use too or seller app. It is always good to hire professionals if you need any support regarding cataloging or product photography.

#3. Customers buy your products:

You reach billions of potential customers as soon as you get yourself registered in Amazon. Besides that, you also can advertise on Amazon with the sponsored products and can get relevant customers.

#4. Delivering your product:

When a customer places his or her order for any of your products, Amazon sends you an email as well as I your seller’s dashboard. By choosing “Fulfilment by Amazon”, you let Amazon take care of the storage, picking, packing, shipping, and even customer inquiries also.

If you are able to deliver your orders the same day or the next day to customers in your locality, you can unlock Prime benefits for select pin codes with local shops.

#5. Receive your payment:

After deducting Amazon’s share, payment of your sales is deposited securely into your bank account after every 7 days. Seller Central Account is the place where you can view your deposited balance as well as tips to grow your business.

To sum up, Amazon is one of the finest places you can earn from. The method of selling is so simple and easy. There are just a few steps to follow. Get yourself a seller account on Amazon, upload and update your listing of products you want to sell on Amazon, customers start buying your products as soon as they start seeing your products, delivering your product at the doorsteps of the customers, receiving your payment as a by-product. It is never easy to earn money online. Hard work is the key. To sell on Amazon and earn money has never been as easy as it is now. A professional approach is the only mindset you need to be successful on Amazon.

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