How To Make Money Blogging

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While some bloggers actually start a blog because they enjoy blogging, other people start it with the sole purpose of making money. However, not everybody who actually sets out to make money through blogging ends up making money in the end. This is because they do not know what it entails and all the necessary steps they need to follow if they wish to make money through something as easy as blogging. This article shall therefore discuss in detail the necessary steps needed to make money through your blog.

Steps to making money through blogging

#1. Create/set up your blog

You cannot possibly make money from something that you do not have hence, the first step to take if you desire to make money from your blog is to first and foremost set up the blog.

The process of setting up the blog involves various steps such as:

  • Choosing a suitable platform: There are a lot of platforms available to choose from but you need to choose that which is most suitable and can meet all the requirements you desire to see in your blog. After you have considered all the various platforms and chosen the best one you prefer, then comes the next step
  • Free hosting or paid: This is just another one of the steps required to start your own blog. You have to decide if you want to use free hosting or you want to pay for yours. However, it is highly recommended you pay if you wish to get money from your blog.
  • There are also a few more points to consider when creating your blog which you can check from here (please input the link for how to start your blog here)

#2. Fill your blog with useful content

After you take the first step by creating/setting up your blog, the next important step is to start creating awesome content for your blog. No one will read an empty blog and in fact, it is not a blog without content. Therefore, you need to try as much as possible to ensure that you create good and intriguing content for your blog so as to attract readers.

Also, keep in mind that there are steps necessary to create successful mind-blowing blog content. For help on how to create great blog content see (please put a link for how to create great content here)

#3. Ensure your blog has readers

 After setting up and creating content for your blog, the next thing is how to get readers for your blog. This is very crucial to your making money through blogging as the number of readers you have determines the traffic your blog gets and by extension how much you earn from your blog content. Therefore, you want to try your best to make sure your blog has a lot of readers which will bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

How do you, therefore, get readers for your blog? There are lots of ways to get readers from your blog amongst which are social media posts, promotions, and campaigns. You just have to do as much as you can to ensure your blog has a lot of readers.

#4. Build an active community with your readers

Now that your blog has readers, you have to make sure you transform your readers from just readers to a community. This means that you now actively engage your readers and make them feel together. The purpose of building a community is for your readers to have fun and interact with each other and yourself as their leader. 

Building a community with your readers is very important as it will help you in increasing the number of your readers and publicity. Read more on how to build an active community for your blog (please insert link if how to build a community with your blog here)

#5. Start earning with your readers and through the multiple available earning platforms

After you have laid the foundation by following the first four steps above (each of the steps should be followed accordingly as each step complements the other and there is no making money when one of the steps is missed), it is now time to start making money through your blog.

I know the question in your mind right now is how do I make money with all the steps just mentioned above? Well, that’s where the earning platforms come in. You can’t make money from your blog if you do not engage any of the many platforms that shall be listed below. The various forms through which you can earn money from your blog are:

  • Affiliate income: This is simply a referral system. In this system, all you have to do is put a link to a product sold on another site on your blog and you get a commission for every sale made using your link. Note that there is a prior agreement between you and the owner of the product (which requires you to sign up) such that you have your own specific link and sales made by that link can be tracked.
  • Advertising income:  This earning platform is usually the starting point for most bloggers that monetize their blog so it can be safely called the most popular type of earning amongst bloggers. This concept of this earning system is solely based on the number of readers/traffic your blog gets. The more audience you have, the higher your chances of earning from this platform.

Summarily, when your blog traffic increases and becomes much, advertisers become willing to pay you to get exposure to your blog readers. Note that this solely depends on the amount of traffic your blog gets. This is why it is very important to get readers for your blog through promotion and great content.

  • Events: In this system, bloggers actually get paid by event hosts to influence or encourage their readers to attend the said events. While this is not exactly a popular method, it is quite efficient in paying bloggers who are actually engaged in it.
  • Services:  This simply involves the blogger offering services to their readers in exchange for money. It’s just like the blogger is doing a freelancing job for their readers. Services offered can range from fitness coaching to copywriting and much more.
  • Recurring income: This is like the other methods a cool way to earn money as a blogger. In this system, the trick is you as a blogger post intriguing but not all of the content on your blog. Now what you do is you request that your readers pay to have access to the premium content.

While this system is just as cool a system as the others, it is also quite tricky because you have to convince your readers that the premium content is actually worth their money which means that your content must be super interesting that the readers will find irresistible and are willing to pay to get access to the premium content.

  • Products: This is somewhat similar to affiliate income even though they are not exactly the same thing. Unlike affiliate marketing where you advertise another person’s product and get paid a commission for anyone who uses your link, in this method you will be selling your products directly to your readers. You can sell products like courses, e-books and so much more and you get full value for the product sold to the reader. Cool right? 
  • Promoting a business: This method is often used by business owners and it involves the business owners set up a blog to sensitize their readers about their business and direct the reader’s attention to why exactly to engage their services or purchase their products. 


While these are the most common ways by which lots of bloggers make money from their blog, there are still other ways of earning from your blog which will not be discussed within the scope of this article. However, as a blogger, you are not limited to just one as there are possibilities that you have multiple streams of income from your blog. Whatever it is you choose, have in mind that your blog can be more than just leisure that you use to pass time, you can actually earn from blogging, and now is the time to take advantage of that opportunity.

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