Best Portfolio Tracker Software

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First of all, it is very pertinent to know what a stock portfolio tracker is. It is important to understand the concept first. So a portfolio tracker is something that is a kind of service or program which is mainly used to keep track of the movements of your holdings. You can compare the current allocation with your targets or goals and then you can have a fair idea of how it is performing. After comparing these two, You will be able to find out where you are standing and where the rest of the market is placed.

A portfolio tracker is very beneficial in certain areas such as you can track your investments through it consistently. On the other hand, if you keep checking the investments each now and then will cause back-to-back trading which is not ideal. If you are worried about how to add a portfolio tracker, then do not worry as the portfolios can be added through the investment account that belongs to you. You can form a promising strategy and assess your allocation through a portfolio tracker. 

So in this article, you will get to know about the topmost portfolio tracker software available. With the help of these portfolio trackers, you can go about your work pretty well. So here are some of the best portfolio tracker software available. 

Here is a list of 8 Best Portfolio Tracker Software

#1. Sharesight

Sharesight is regarded as one of the topmost portfolio trackers in the world. It is highly rated because of its efficiency and high-quality service. There is no doubt that Sharesight has gained a lot of success and it has evolved through the years. Through Sharesight you can track the following top currencies in the world;

  • Alternatives
  • Bonds
  • Private equity
  • Custom and Property investments

The above currencies are said to be on the list of topmost currencies and can be labelled as cryptocurrencies. You can utilize Sharesight for other purposes such as; If you want to track the progress and performance of your stocks, you can do that through Sharesight from the top 30 worldwide stock exchanges. It is a huge boost for you because you can minimize the time and you can expect quick results from Sharesight. Besides that, Sharesight can also help you to compare your progress with the others. It will keep a close look at your performance, dividends and the progress of others compared to you. 

So Sharesight can prove to be an excellent tracker for you if you are looking for one. You can have easy access to it because it is available on Apple Watch, Desktop, for iPhone users it is also available on iOS, besides that you can get it on Amazon and Google Play Store too. So you can have a go at it without thinking too much.

#2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is yet another top portfolio tracker that falls right in the category of topmost portfolio trackers in the world. As compared to Sharesight, Personal Capital comes up with many other options which can excite you and help you deal with many issues. Personal Capital can be used very effectively without any mess and confusion.

With Personal Capital, you can track your portfolios but you can also handle;

  • Your bank accounts
  • The statements of your credit card   and
  • Your bills

So a Personal Capital can track different things and it can help you in many ways possible. Furthermore, Personal Capital can propel the asset allocation belonging to you on a rapid track. It will also keep your investments in check. In this way, Personal Capital can be utilized for multiple purposes. The good thing about this tracker is that it gives you multiple options and varieties. 

Another unique feature about this tracker is that it can be used free of cost and it can be found very easily as well. You can get the services of Personal Capital through Android, Desktop and iOS, besides that which are also available on Apple Watch, Google Play, and iPad. Get the best tracker and make it usable by having the Personal Capital portfolio tracker software.

#3. Delta Investment Tracker

This particular tracker is pretty popular among people and especially among those who want a perfect tracker. It keeps track of your portfolio balance, it analyzes the profit as well as the loss during certain periods. It is perhaps very helpful in any kind of situation. Another distinct feature is that it keeps track of every minor detail or changing domain. For example, it will determine your present position, it will help you to determine the market value and then you can compare it. The changing domains, the significant gains or losses, will provide you with every bit of information and detail. It can also help provide you with access to the movement of the price of ;

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Famous stocks
  • Futures     and
  • Indices

Moreover, it will help you to know about the changing trends, any development regarding the stocks or assets. So it is perhaps the most dynamic tracker and with so many options, you can use it to your perfection and requirements. 

It is available on Google Play, iOS and Android, so you can have access to utilize its services. It depends on your requirements, as it can track anything which falls in its category, but you will have to utilize it according to your requirements. 

#4. Status Money

To manage your finances and to track your portfolios, you can trust the Status Money tracker for amazing results. The Status Money track can assist you in multiple ways. Meanwhile, it is the most popular used tracker in the world and it is quite active due to the numerous services it provides. It normally provides astonishing results and the way it can track things is just amazing. It can help you to track your portfolio as well as your financial status. It will also provide you with the details about your savings, it will determine whether you’re spending too much or even paying excessive rates. 

With the help of Status Money, you can improve your finances and grow rapidly, that is why it is one of the most important portfolio trackers. You should not be worried about anything when it comes to tracking portfolios.

#5. Betterment

Betterment is yet another top portfolio tracker, it is very highly rated among the people worldwide. It brings different features and options for the users. It can do the following tasks very efficiently;

  • Manage and proceed with your portfolio 
  • Manage the allocation of your portfolio’s bond and stock
  • It keeps track of your account, the activity as well as it also assesses the targets you have set.
  • It can determine the balance of your portfolio 
  • Through this, you can also withdraw or deposit your money anywhere and at any time.

So these are some of the most unique and different options which can help you to solve your problems immediately. Besides that, it can also monitor many accounts that belong to you. If you have more than one account and you want to monitor and keep them in check then it can help you do that very effectively. Other investments and bank accounts can also be synced using this particular tracker. It is smooth, efficient and works very well. It comes up with many options which is why it is used the most. Because of its efficiency, it is getting better and popular day by day. You can have so many other trackers but if you want to keep track of different accounts then it is surely the most pertinent tracker for you. It is available on different platforms so you can use it quite easily. You can have a wonderful experience using this tracker because it can be used at any time and din different phases to determine the changes and shifts in stocks, accounts and finances.

#6. Kubera

Kubera is regarded as the latest and most developing tracker in the world. It is growing at a rapid pace and it is being used widely at a global level. With Kubera, you can not only track your crypto assets but traditional assets can also be tracked using Kubera. 

Once you have decided to use this tracker, you can have so many benefits and you can access them quite easily. For example, if you want to track your assets and investments, this tracker will determine your net worth in a matter of time. It is not a big deal for this software to get you immediate results and that is why it is the modern tracker which can be preferred over other trackers soon and that is not surprising as well. 

Unlike other trackers, Kubera can give you the option to connect with more than 20,000 banks globally and that is when you link your account. It is perhaps the unique option you can have with this particular tracker. You can exchange your account by using this tracker. Another feature is that the value of the crypto portfolio can also be determined by using Kubera. So it is perhaps the most unique tracker available. Any kind of web or vehicles domain can be added there, apart from it you can add home value too. 

#7. Morningstar Portfolio Manager

Morningstar Portfolio Manager is yet another highly-rated tracker which can be used to track your portfolios and can also determine holdings belonging to you.  This tracker has some features as well and it can keep track of your stocks. You can use it anytime or in different phases to determine the changes and shifts happening in your portfolio and stocks. It can earn you a great deal by comparing your stocks with the market value. 

It can be accessed quite easily and it is available on different platforms. You should prefer to use this particular tracker because of its performance and efficiency. It works very well and you can choose a trial version first to determine the quality and performance of this tracker.

#8. StocksToTrade

StocksToTrade has to be on your bucket list if you want to experience the best tracker in the world. In terms of performance, it gives you the best experience and you can find it different as compared to other portfolio trackers in the world. 

The best thing about StocksToTrade is that it can connect your brokerage with your stocks in a jiffy and it is not a big deal for a tracker like this. The other features that can be accessed are 

  • Watchlists
  • Indicators
  • Other news and stories
  • Charts etc

So you can find it r el; actively different as compared to other trackers. It is efficient, it is fast and it is very very smooth. In a nutshell, it covers all the requirements that need to be fulfilled. It is really easy to gain access to it. You will have a wonderful experience while using this particular software. 

So these are some of the finest and topmost trackers which can be used to track your portfolios as well as your stocks and you can also use them for investment and bank-related purposes. A portfolio tracker is normally accessible and most of the trackers described above are free of cost, so you should not be worried about the quality and cost of these trackers.

As far as the speed of these trackers is concerned, you will use them very efficiently and fast, and in a trade-like scenario or even tracking tasks, you need a software which works fastly and accurately.  You should not risk your trade or portfolios by consuming too much time using such trackers. Therefore, it is important to know that, a tracker with high speed, more options, quality of speed should be preferred. 

A tracker must be user-friendly and most of them are pretty easy to use, so it is not a big deal or problem using these trackers. You just need to understand the functions first very carefully and then you can use these trackers without any fuss or confusion. 

In a nutshell, you can choose any of the above trackers to utilize for a better experience. Each tracker defined above comes up with several options which is why you cannot rely on one tracker but it depends on your needs and requirements. 


A smartphone or laptop will monitor and analyze your investments in real-time. Enable an app to do the job. Start today with one of our recommended portfolio trackers. It is really easy to gain access to it.

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