How Do I Open a WazirX Crypto Trading Account in India

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At WazirX, we provide a variety of ways to acquire bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies based on your budget.

If you need to create a WazirX account. Follow the instructions below:

Visit the WazirX website or download the WazirX app. Then press the sign-up button.
Enter a password and your e-mail address (which you use).

Finally, click the Sign Up button.

How to Open WazirX Account

After the confirmation pressing the sign-up button, you will receive an email. To finish the process, click the Verify E-mail button if you received any e-mail. If you haven’t already checked your spam folder, click the resend button. On successful verification, you’ll see the following message:

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How to Open WazirX Account

Keeping Your Account Safe

For security reasons, we recommend using 2-factor authentication (2FA). You can do this by downloading and connecting the Google Authentication app.

How to Open WazirX Account

Complete the KYC procedure.

You must finish your KYC process before depositing money in INR or cryptocurrency.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

KYC verification is the final stage in the account setup procedure.

Complete the KYC procedure.

You must finish your KYC process before depositing money in INR or cryptocurrency. To complete the KYC process, follow these steps:

After that, go to the Profile tab and select Complete Verification.

Enter all of your information, including government-issued identification cards.

After that, fill up your banking information. For any future withdrawals, WazirX uses a bank account.
PAN, Aadhar, and a photograph in JPG or PNG format should be uploaded.
You can deposit the monies after the information has been validated.

Select your country dropdown list

How to Open WazirX Account

You’re ready to buy XRP from WazirX after completing your KYC process.

Trading Fees on WazirX

The fees levied by WazirX are known as flat fees, and they are the same for all suppliers. WazirX charges the borrower 0.20 % in fees. More exchanges are now moving to lower trading fees, such as 0.10 %. As a result, 0.20 % is likely slightly higher than the industry average.

Methods of Deposit in WazirX

When it comes to depositing options, WazirX accepts wire transfers but not credit cards. WazirX announced the payment service provider on June 6, 2019, making it possible for Indonesian investors to deposit rupiah through the trading platform.

To purchase the cryptocurrency of your choice, you have two options.

#1. Currency and INR are mixed – You can use the purchasing form to submit a purchase order for the cryptocurrency of your choice.

How to Open WazirX Account

If you wish to buy Ethereum, for example, you must fill out the purchase order as well as Ethereum because it has an INR pair.

  1. There is no INR pair for the currency – In this case, you must hunt for the currency pair. A USDT pair exists for almost all cryptocurrencies.
How to Open WazirX Account

You begin by purchasing USDT. Once you have USDT in your account, you can use it to buy the currency coin you need. If you wish to buy Aion Coin, for example (AION). The coin has a USDT pair rather than an INR pair.

To begin, you must first purchase USDT, and then use USDT to purchase Aion Coin.

2. Another Ways Using P2P Market

P2P is a Wazirx auto-order matching engine that allows you to buy USDT using INR Wazirx Acts while also acting as an escrow in the transaction to ensure that it is safe and secure.

To buy USDT in the P2P market, you can use your WazirX account to submit an order, which will be matched with a seller of that currency.

You must make a payment to the seller. WazirX issues currency to you once the vendor confirms the receipt.

You can use USDT to buy any cryptocurrency after you’ve obtained it.

You can begin investing in cryptocurrencies by using any acceptable payment method to deposit INR. Cryptocurrencies can be deposited (if you have any).

How to Open WazirX Account

Trading on WazirX

WazirX trading is simple, and you can get started by going to the ‘Exchange’ tab in the website’s header. We can place orders for any trade using WazirX. The system executes your order when the market matches your expectations.

On the left side of the exchange page is a list of crypto assets, and you can begin trading with any of them.

How to Open WazirX Account

WazirX P2P Modal

WazirX is a peer-to-peer file-sharing platform. In the case of P2P, you have the option of exchanging in USDT. When you place an order as a buyer, WazirX’s buyer and seller matching programme links you to the proper seller.

How to Open WazirX Account

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