How do I make a deposit in Wazirx?

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So, let’s have a discussion! First and initially, here’s how to make a deposit using the WazirX App: To begin, open the WazirX app and choose the fund in which the alternative choice above is INR. When you select it, you will see a deposit option in the bottom left corner and a Windrow option in the right corner. When you click on deposit, it will display you two alternatives, one of which is Instant Deposit, which will be selected. This contains information about the WazirX account and where the money is to be deposited! The Beneficiary Name, Account Number, and IFSC Code will be written in the account details.

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Pay attention to the details you’ll need to deposit yourself! As if you were going to the bank or using one of your apps, such as Paytm or Google Pay We can also use UPID to make a direct deposit! For the time being, deposits were temporarily halted by UPI ID.

If you choose another option and pay IMPS, NEFT, RTGS: 5.9 INR for each deposit transfer! As a result, your transaction charge, UPI: 4 INR per transfer will be deducted from every deposit.

Is there a deposit minimum or maximum? – A minimum deposit of Rs100 is required. There are no upper limitations.

If you try to make a payment through UPI! Then you’ll get a UPI ID, which you may copy and use to make payments via phone pay, Google Pay, and other methods to pay your wallet.

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Finally, to see if your payment completed successful, open the WazirX app and check to see whether the money has been transferred in your WazirX app! You’ll notice this option under the WazirX app’s me fund option, where the total portfolio value, which will be your total amount, will be seen.

Then you’ll be directed to the main page, where you’ll find a variety of currencies in which you’ve made deposits! At his own risk, he will be able to invest in that cryptocurrency to buy or sell.

If the money you deposited does not appear in your WazirX app, please contact the WazirX support center. However, you visiting the WazirX app’s settings, you can send us an email and contact us! This is where you can explain your concern! And you’ll expect a response within 24 to 48 hours!

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